Camp: CIT Overnight

My little summer show Camp is drawing to a close, and I have to say, I’m going to miss it (I really am). I wasn’t sure after the first episode because there was so much going on, but I really do like Rachel Griffiths (Mack), and a couple of the storylines are very cute – they do remind me of that coming of age time in my life.

The feature story in this episode was about the CIT (Counselors in Training) Overnight – the counselors’ “rite of passage,” if you will. The CITs were sent on their way to navigate Bear Mountain by themselves, camping for the night, and finding The Lions Head landmark – then they write their names on it to prove they made it. Off the campers went … I sort of felt like I wanted to be part of that trek.

Kip and Marina – I like that Kip wanted to tell Chloe the truth about he and Marina. Marina was a little apprehensive because she and Chloe had grown closer. It was funny when Chloe showed up with a black hat and dark sunglasses and stated to them, “I’m in mourning.” Of course when they told her, she flipped out and ran away. Later, Kip and Marina decided they had to find her. When they did, I really thought Kip was mature in telling her that he did have a place in his heart for her, that she was his first kiss and first girlfriend. Sweet. Don’t you think Kip and Marina are a great couple? I really like them.

Robbie – He’s still bummed about Sarah, but meets two French backpackers. They couldn’t find how to get to a certain place on the mountain, so he told them he would take them (he was smitten by the French girl). He is a cute guy… once they found the campsite and a swimming hole, they all went in. The interesting part (and I know you agree) was when later at the campfire, the girl gave him mushrooms and kissed him – then kissed her boyfriend – then went into the tent with the boyfriend – and then asked Robbie to join them! Yes, a ménage a trois!  Whoa! Happy guy (not for me).

Buzz – Buzz, always having sex on his mind, claimed to Kip that he was “getting laid” on the outing. Buzz and Grace were as sweet as ever (and I want them to get together – in an innocent way), but Zoe showing back up? What the heck, three again? Hum… Sadly for Buzz, the story went a little dark. I felt so bad when the boys from Ridgefield showed up for revenge (Buzz earlier sticking a banana in their ATV tailpipe), beating him up, tying him to a tree and writing “Balls” on his forehead with a sharpie. Unfortunately, Kip and Marina didn’t get back in time to help him.  Buzz was devastated. Didn’t you feel terrible for the poor guy? He was so humiliated, even warding Mack off. Luckily, Cole came to the rescue and soothed both Buzz and Mack. Nice.

Mack and Cole – Cole tells Mack he needs to get his tooth looked at because of extreme pain, but he really went to see Roger about the job opportunity in Alaska. When Mack found out the truth, she wasn’t as mad as I thought she might be. She really wants what’s best for him, and I think the Alaska job would be perfect for him. But, if “Camp” is renewed, I would really miss Cole’s character. Would you?

Roger and Mack – I’m just not sure if Roger is a good guy or not. I think he can be a jerk, but he also has a kind-hearted side to him, which we have seen. He did ask Mack out on a date again, and she agrees, but then finds out he is responsible for cutting down a chestnut tree that has been in her family since she was a little girl. She does get over it, as she always seems to let go of things – you know “don’t sweat the small stuff.” There is something endearing about her character. We see it again after one of the camp’s oldest attendees dies while sitting on a chair by the lake. At the end when a small wake is held, she starts to become philosophical about life, giving a eulogy for him (it turned out to be an amusing speech), and also plants a new tree to replace the chestnut. Life starting over.

Sarah – As you know, this is my least favorite storyline (sorry). This week, Sarah becomes friend with a swimmer from Ridgefield. She ended up telling her all about Miguel and Robbie. Later, we find out the girl spread lies about Sarah getting dumped by Miguel because she had genital warts. Oh … I would be mad! Sarah confronted her (while serving her in the dining room) and the girl became a … well … you know what. Sarah quit her job at Ridgefield and Mack happily hired her back. I still don’t know where this character is going to go. She is sort of flailing along. What do you think?

One more episode to go this season. What did you guys think of “Camp”? Would you like it to be renewed?

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  1. I knew the show was filmed in Australia but I didn’t realize almost all of the cast is Australian!

    When Robbie took of his shirt to dive into the pond? I had to fan myself for a few minutes. I didn’t think he was all that until he took off his shirt. LOL.

    I just rewatched the pilot on Hulu and it’s interesting to see how far some of the characters have developed.

    I hope it’s renewed!


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