Bones: The Secret in the Proposal

After we were all left in shock, sadness, frustration and dismay from the “Bones” season 8 finale, season 9 is here and because we know there will be a wedding between Booth and Brennan this season, it makes tonight’s premiere even more exciting.

By now, the true fans (and there are a lot) need a wedding. We have been waiting so long for it. We love Booth and Brennan and have gone through a very long, crazy, amusing and wonderful journey with them and it’s time!

And as Hart Hanson has claimed, “There are no tricks … they will get married.” I think that would be the final straw if there were a trick to it! We want the real deal and we want it to last forever! Am I a true fan or what?

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After the end of last season, we knew Booth and Brennan would not be in a good place. I don’t know what I would do if my fiancé reneged on a wedding proposal. Ouch! It would be very hard to deal with, especially if there were no explanation, as is the case for Brennan.

In this episode, the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jason Siedel, an accountant for the state department whose remains are found in an air conditioning unit. At the scene, there is a lot of tension (and it’s not sexual) between Booth and Bones. She is obviously angry and sad. Didn’t it make you sad? I hated seeing them like that.

Booth doesn’t act comforting, but he was at a crime scene. I liked when Cam said to him, “I understand you got cold feet, but you better snap out of it or you’ll lose her forever.”

“Mind your own business, Camille,” says Booth. He’s not happy. Nobody is happy. Everyone has had a few months to try and figure out why Booth reneged on the proposal, and he won’t tell them.

Next, Booth and Brennan are in the hotel room looking for evidence. Jason fell or was pushed out of a window into the AC unit. As they discuss the case, Bones wants to know why he didn’t come home (last night).

“I was working on a case, and then I was working on the Pelant case … I’d die for you, I love you.” She didn’t seem to believe him, did she? They are never like that to each other, never.

In the next scene, they were at the victim’s condo and Bones was very cold (although I would be too), and told Booth to get Sweets; she wanted to go back to the lab. Booth was definitely getting frustrated, that’s for sure.

Daisy is back working with Hodgens. I am waiting for her and Sweets to get back together. I know they will, right?

Angela definitely didn’t hold back her dissatisfaction with Booth, as in the  scene when she called Booth and said “Are you going to hang-up on me?’ Booth: “Why would I hang up on you?” Angela: “We don’t like each other since you broke Brennan’s heart.” Lots of tension in this episode! Whew!

Back to the case (not that any of you care, we really care about the relationship at this point, don’t we!). So funny when Hodgens had one of his crazy lab experiments set up to get the particulates (pieces of flesh and body) out of the huge AC fan – the parachute. That was really clever  – blowing the particulates into the parachute – funny, but gross.


After Booth and Sweets returned to the condo, we found out that the case was bigger than the FBI thought. The condo had been cleaned out of any possessions … thanks to Booth’s old friend and now CIA agent Danny Beck (Freddie Prinze, Jr.).  Hum.

He didn’t have much of a part, but it was interesting at the end when he told Booth a job at the CIA was open if he ever wanted it. I wonder if that will ever happen later in the season?

Back to the relationship – Sweets, Caroline, Cam, and especially Angela are all upset. Angela and Booth’s last argument of the show was pretty rough – it made me sad. She accused him of not being attracted to Bones anymore since she had a baby, or maybe being bored with her, etc… “You are ruining her very fragile heart!” Booth was very angry after that. Poor guy – we all know how much he loves Brennan.

On what turned out to be the best help he could get, Booth had been seeking advice (but also comfort in booze – as Caroline and Brennan noticed alcohol on his breath) from Aldo Clemens (Mather Zickel), his friend, bar owner (which Bones thinks is a strip club), and ex-priest from their army days.

Booth tells Aldo he needs to talk in a room that can’t pick up any video, sounds or radio frequencies … they go down to a cellar where he tells him what is going on. I like how Booth told him he would kill for Bones, die for her, and that he wants to marry her and why he can’t. They both decide he has to kill Pelant (although we didn’t see Pelant at all in this episode – I thought we would).

I’m sorry I haven’t written much about the case, but again, I think after the finale, we all just wanted B & B to get back to a good place in their relationship and for their engagement to be back on. You all know they solved the case … undercover agents and a boss in love with his employee trying to protect her. The mom/attorney was pretty good. It was great when after Booth handcuffed her, she took another sip of her martini! She knows what’s important!

One of the most important scenes was when Brennan went to the bar (Aldo’s bar) – remember, she found the card in Booth’s pocket, thinking it was from a strip club. When Aldo saw her name on her license he said, “You’re Booth’s girl,” she was surprised he knew that, and surprised that he said, “Booth loves you.”

“He told you that?” she asked. Aldo told her Booth used to confess to him after killing someone (sniper attack), and Booth believes that living with someone was living in sin – that he is a man of faith.

Brennan: “I wanted to marry him”

Aldo: “Not as much as he wants to marry you.”

Brennan had such a look on her face – like she was going to cry. Aldo made her realize that if Booth was doing something, it was for a very good reason – to have faith in him. Aldo, you were terrific!

Okay, now for our favorite scene – the last scene (I always love the last scene of “Bones” anyway, because it’s with Booth and Brennan – you know). She waits for him at home, the table set and wine poured. He walks in and they talk a little about the case. He looks a little concerned about what’s going on (I am assuming they hadn’t eaten at the table together for a while).

Brennan says, “I have to tell you something.” He looks a little panicked, and tells her to give him a little more time. “I’m not leaving you,” she says. “I have faith in you.”

Thank God (thank Aldo for the advice). I’m glad she told him  that she knew something was going on, and when he’s ready, he will tell her.

They hug  and then she says, “The next time, you have to ask me to marry you.” He smiles and says, “I will, as soon as I can, I will.” 

We are all happy about that, aren’t we?! They kiss … and then there it is on the clock … 447. What is it? What is 447?!

What did you think of the season nine premiere? I really like it, of course because of the ending. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Oh man. You know I’m still back in season one, but this recap made me weepy! I’m so glad Booth sought counsel with his old buddy and so glad Bones told him she has faith in him. That just makes me so happy.


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