Bones: The Cheat in the Retreat

Oh, it’s nice to have Booth and Brennan back in a happy place (they’re working on it at least…). I was very excited when I heard this episode of “Bones” was about a couples retreat, and that B & B would go undercover as Tony and Roxie (we haven’t seen them since season 2!).

As always, the victim in this episode is found in the opening scene – animal control officers try to catch a bobcat and find it eating a human head (Adam Park – a management consultant). Yuck! The evidence leads them to a marriage retreat that is located on an Indian Reservation.Bones: The Cheat at the Retreat

Meanwhile, Cam and Arastoo are in his car driving, and after being pulled over by a policeman, Cam finds out her identity is stolen (the worst!!).

As the episode goes on, so does the depth of her identity theft. Okay, I think that Pelant is behind it. I might be wrong, but “Bones” bosses (Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan) said during a conference call that Pelant won’t be seen in the first few episodes, but will be felt – bringing me to the conclusion that Pelant is behind it. What do you think?

Booth and Sweets talk to Adam’s (the victim) wife who denies any wrongdoing … of course.

At the retreat, Booth and Bones meet other couples – Bill (John Ratzenberger of “Cheers”) and Evelyn, and a gay couple. While the couples are at a question and answer session, a woman named Kelly joins in. Booth takes a photo of her, and the team IDs her. They find out she was Adam’s mistress (who also denies killing Adam).

Booth and Bones are very cute and fun loving as Tony and Roxie. They suspect Kelly since she is Adam’s mistress, and her last boyfriend (who had a big insurance policy) died too. Although I knew it wasn’t going to be her. That would have been too obvious, right?

It was pretty cute when the men and women broke up into groups and went into the steam tents (sweat boxes) to discuss their own relationships. So funny when Brennan showed her smarts about sweating away the toxins (spouting out the scientific facts) and Evelyn caught it. “Oh, I read, you know, the magazines in the check-out line” – nice recovery. Ha. Then when she was doing her crazy chant to get Kelly to open up about Adam – the way they looked at her was too funny!

At the lab, everyone works away trying to figure out how Adam was killed. He had two blows to the head. Hodgins tries to find out what the particulates are, while Angela works on it too.

Bones: The Cheat at the Retreat

Back to Cam. Hodgins tries to talk to her about her identity theft and how serious it is. She, of course, doesn’t want to talk about it. Cam, so professional…

Later, though she finally does open up to Hodgins and Angela. She was really touched that Angela had spent the time and energy getting records and trying to trace the thief. Cam cried out of her gratefulness to Angela. Awww.

At the Royal Diner, Sweets talks to Angela (or is it vice-versa?) about his lack of confidence and guilt for what happened with Pelant (it still has a hold on him – poor guy). Angie tries to convince him it isn’t his fault and how important he is. Booth calls him and tells him the retreat owner’s real name – Jeremy, who has a record.

Back at the retreat, Booth and Brennan, along with the other couples, go thru a “trust” test. One partner puts on a fat suit, while the other guides them through an obstacle course. Booth and Bones were great, and very cute. Come on, just get married already!

Later, they talk with Jeremy about the retreat and about Kelly. He tells them that Kelly was flirting with him to make Adam jealous, that’s it.

Arastoo makes lunch for Cam who really has NO money. The bank freezes her accounts, things might not be resolved for months. It has to be Pelant, I’m telling you! Hodgins interrupts and tells Cam that oak was found on Adam.

Booth and Brennan find where he was killed. They find damage to an oak tree, tire marks and keys.

Back at the lab, after the retreat, I liked when Angela asked Bones what she learned about her and Booth’s relationship. Bones tells her they didn’t learn anything … that she and Booth have a good relationship … and they do. They have that easy going, good friend, comfortable relationship … with one big problem, as we all know.

Hodgins tells Brennan that a vintage car hit Adam. Bones says she knows what car it was – Evelyn and Bill’s car. They were funny in the interrogation room. They admitted it, but it was sort of an accident.

Booth and Brennan find out they go to retreats to steal people’s keys, then rob them. Not planning to get caught returning the keys, as in this case, Adam slapped Evelyn, then Bill karate-chopped him in the throat and Evelyn hit him on the head with a bowling ball. Not dead, they ran over him. Booth couldn’t believe they were so matter-of-fact about it … and in an endearing way! LOL.

Oh, and what about Sweets leaving Booth a letter about taking time off? He definitely needs it. You can see the Pelant thing eating at him. He needs to take a step back, but I don’t want to lose him. I love his character.

Last scene: Booth and Brennan in their bedroom, in robes, touching palms … OMG, Bones’ idea. She has changed. Booth doesn’t want to do it, but she tells him she believes in biological electrical impulses. Speaking of impulses, he couldn’t contain himself and started kissing her … they kissed, disrobed and hopped onto their bed – sweet dreams!

I thought this episode of “Bones” was cute. I liked the characters, and Booth and Brennan’s intimacy at the end. What did you think of this episode?

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