Billy Connolly

One of my favorite comedians and actors, Billy Connolly, recently underwent surgery to address issues with the early stages of prostate cancer. He’s fully recovered from that but it was also announced yesterday on his website that he was diagnosed with early symptoms of Parkinson’s Diseases (the same disease which afflicts Michael J. Fox) and he is being treated appropriately.

Most know Connolly as a comedian who segued into being a comedic actor (remember when he replaced Howard Hesseman on “Head of the Class”?). He then made the leap to serious acting and received rave reviews and nominations (including a BAFTA win) for his turn as John Brown in the film “Mrs. Brown.”

Judi Dench, who played opposite him in the film, was nominated for an Oscar and many think Connolly was snubbed for the golden statue for his portrayal in the film. Of course, younger fans will know him as King Fergus, Merida’s dad in “Brave.”

Has surgery and Parkinson’s slowed this 70-year-old Scot down? Hardly. Not only will Connolly start filming a new TV series shortly, he is also going on tour in New Zealand early next year. He has also discovered an artistic side, and his artwork can be found here.  Kind of reminds you of stuff you’d see on Monty Python, right?

We here at Reel Life With Jane wish Mr. Connolly a speedy recovery and good health.



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