The Love Boat

‘The Love Boat’ Has Sailed Its Last Voyage

The Love Boat

For those of you who can remember, “The Love Boat” was one of the most popular shows of the 1980s. Created by the great Aaron Spelling, the series ran from 1977 to 1987, and it was a fun, romantic, silly and sweet weekly tale of the passengers and crew aboard the Pacific Princess. 

Do you remember the theme song? “Love is in the air,” la la la la la la la … Sadly, it has sailed for the last time, and now resides in a scrapyard.

Whether passengers were vacationing, seeking romance or just there for relaxation, they always seemed to find love on the Pacific Princess. The crew always seemed to be part of the equation: the ship’s captain, Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod); doctor, Adam Brinker (Bernie Kopell); bartendar, Isaac Washington (Ted Lange); the ship’s Purser ‘Gopher’ Smith (Fred Grandy); the captain’s daughter Vicki Stubing (Jill Whelan); and, of course, the beloved cruise director, Julie McCoy (Lauren Tewes).

Things were not always easy for the passengers, but the crew always seemed to step in and help in the romance department. There was comedy, mystery, and drama, but the stories were always light, and if anyone needed advice, Julie or Captain Stubing were there to give it.

Each cruise would end on a happy note, with some kind of lesson. The critics weren’t always kind, but “The Love Boat” endured and it will go down as a pop culture icon and a great family show.

Some of the stars who appeared included Gene Kelly, Shirley Jones, Adam Arkin, Joan Collins, Sonny Bono, Kirstie Allie, Bill Bixby, Linda Evans, Lee Majors, Charo … the list goes on and on.

Farewell “Love Boat.” We had fun watching your tales.

Did you watch the “Love Boat?” Who was your favorite character? 


One response to “‘The Love Boat’ Has Sailed Its Last Voyage”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    We LOVED “The Love Boat” in our house. As I recall, it was paired on Saturday nights with “Fantasy Island,” and my parents and I (I was the last of four kids so by the time these shows aired, I was the only one left in the house) would watch both shows. They were so ridiculously simple and silly, but that’s why we loved them.

    Fantasy Island was a little darker. Like you always had the impression that Mr. Roarke and Tattoo were using some sort of black magic to make things happen for the guests. 🙂

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