Stephen Moyer, Carrie Underwood

Stephen Moyer, best known for his turn as vampire Bill Compton on the hit HBO series “True Blood,” has been cast as Captain Von Trapp in a remake of “The Sound of Music.” He’ll play opposite – wait for it – Carrie Underwood as the nun turned governess Maria.

While Underwood has a great voice, perhaps she’s a little too pretty to play the virginal and innocent Maria. I wonder who they are going to cast as the Von Trapp kids – Angus T. Jones? Miley Cyrus? Can you see her singing “I am 16 going on 17”?

We know Carrie can sing, but can Moyer? Well, he recently performed the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago at the Hollywood Bowl (played by Richard Gere in the movie). He wasn’t half bad. Take a look at the video below.

This remake will be based on the stage version of the musical, not the iconic film we know and love, so maybe there’s room for both versions.

What do you think of this casting?


  1. It is not a remake and the author of this blog said as much. It is a live Revival of the original Broadway musical that existed BEFORE the movie. Carrie is a great singer and she has been working with a vocal coach to transition to classical Broadway style. Stephen Moyer has an extensive theater background in London and he just did Chicago in LA last week. Give it a chance. Even Julie Andrews supports it- she said so to Larry King. And Christopher Plummer supports it too and tweets about it all the time on twitter.


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