Rizzoli & Isles Recap: Built for Speed – Season 4, Ep 10

Rizzoli & Isles: Need for Speed

“It’s that thing on the salad bar that nobody used to eat but now it’s considered cool.” – Jane, after Maura orders her a salad with kale in it

Is anyone else a little creeped out by Martinez’ pursuit of Jane? That scene in the car where they were waiting for the bust to go down made me worried for Jane. Plus, they seem to have zero chemistry, unlike her and Casey, who have chemistry to spare.

This episode of “Rizzoli & Isles” centered on drag racing, and started with a “Fast & Furious” type scene with racers prepping their cars and then taking off down the track and … you knew something was going to happen, right? One of the racers pushes the nitrous button, only it didn’t have the intended effect. Instead of going faster, the car exploded.

Meanwhile, Maura is chiding Jane about her caffeine addiction and worried about her cholesterol. When Martinez shows up, Maura checks Jane’s body temperature for sexual arousal.

But he also squares off with Jane over “his” collar (Frankie brought him in), and Jane can’t figure out what the heck is going on with Martinez.

In the Maura romance department, there’s a new guy named B.T., who’s just like her in terms of science and geeky stuff, only he’s part of the bomb squad. They end up bringing the car into Jane’s lab, so she and B.T. work next to each other for this crime, and sparks fly.

B.T. has a PhD in Applied Physics AND he practices yoga. And he’s cute as all get out. Plus, he’s not freaked out when he sees Maura wearing the victim’s fingers. “Are you wearing his fingers?” he says. “That’s remarkable. I’ve heard of this technique, but I’ve never got to see it in action.”

Turns out it wasn’t nitrous in the car. It was propane, meaning this was a murder, not an accident. And thanks to Jane’s acquaintance (I don’t think you can call him “friend,” judging by Jane and Angela slapping his head at the cafe), they’re able to see a video of what happened that night.

The explosion was triggered by a remote wireless device, and the driver, Alberto, was trying to buy his father’s garage. He also hated drug dealers because his sister died of a drug overdose.

When Frost somehow gets a video from inside the car, Jane realizes that Martinez was AT the race. He’d witnessed it and didn’t bother to tell them about it. Yep, he was working undercover. So was Frankie. And so was Miguel, the other driver, who’s actually an NYPD cop.

As it happens, the whole thing revolved around a new crop of meth dealers in Boston, and the head honcho was Alberto’s parole officer. She had Alberto killed to save the business. But Jane gets the last laugh when the parole officer is arrested and carted off.

Other stuff: 

Loved Maura’s flowered oven mitts for working on the charred body. “They cheer me up,” she says. They cheer me up, too.

Alberto drove an old Toyota, his wife said. And of course, there was a Toyota commercial during this episode.

Loved it when Korsak called up the booking department and told them to stall the process, to give Jane and crew more time on the case.

Your thoughts on this ep of “Rizzoli & Isles? Doesn’t it seem like Martinez should have shared his undercover involvement with Jane? Why keep it from her? She could have blown his cover.   


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