Ian SomerhalderWhile fans of “The Vampire Diaries” have been celebrating (well, some of us anyway) “The Originals,” Julie Plec’s spinoff series starring Joseph Morgan as ringleader Klaus, Ian Somerhalder isn’t all that psyched for it.

Somerhalder, a.k.a. sexy vamp Damon Salvatore on “Diaries,” says he’s worried that his show will suffer.

“I’m excited for Julie [Plec], and for Joseph and all my people, but I’m a selfish actor,” he says.

“I’m not a producer on the show, I’m not a writer. My only concern is Damon, and my show. Now, they’re going to be taking these characters that mean so much to our show. I’m insanely happy for everyone, but I’m not thrilled. Not that I mind sharing, I just don’t want to lose all these amazing actors on our show.”

He does have a point. Because right now – or as of last season anyway – the main “Vampire Diaries” storyline centered on the Originals. If they’re gone, they’re going to have to pretty much re-create the show, and also introduce some new faces to keep things fresh.

Somerhalder adds, “Who are the other people who are gonna be coming on the show? Are they gonna be good? Because it’s The CW, and everyone has to be pretty, and there aren’t a lot of pretty people that can act well … I’m not joking! I’m one of them that can act well. Not to sound s**tty about it, but casting is always tough. I feel like they worked so hard on casting this show … and hopefully, they just continue to put great actors in.”

Ok, he IS a great actor, but he’s kind of full of himself, isn’t he? We do know one new actor who’ll be introduced on “Diaries” in season five. Shaun Sipos will be playing Aaron, a handsome guy who befriends Elena and could become more than just a friend.

The duo will reportedly bond over their shared family tragedies, and there’s a good chance he’ll become a series regular.

Look for “The Originals” to premiere Oct. 3, 2013 on The CW. Check out the trailer – I’m excited for it! Joseph Morgan is an amazing actor.


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