‘Camp’ Recap: The Wedding, Harvest Moon – Season 1, Eps 7 & 8


Well, I am a little behind in that I did not get last week’s recap of “Camp” done. The good news is, I have two for you this week!  I must say that I am getting attached to this sweet little show. I am enjoying the cast and the funny scripts – you know I  love to laugh – and it has an innocence to it that I like.

In “The Wedding,” we learn that Grace’s dads (Todd and Raffi) are allowed to marry. The entire camp jumps on board and tries to get the wedding put together and done before the state can revoke gay marriage. So cool to see!

Grace did get very bossy and a little mean to everyone. She was so excited and just wanted everything to be perfect – and have something “normal” – ah ha! Todd seems to have some “reservations” (that’s what I was thinking while watching it) about the wedding. It was interesting to see how Raffi wanted it legal, and Todd … he was afraid of the finality and commitment.

I think they are showing us that everyone, no matter if you are gay or straight, black or white, male or female, can have these thoughts and feelings. When Todd blew his top at the bachelor party, I wasn’t certain if they were going to decide to go through with it, were you? Luckily, Mack had a talk with Todd and he explained why he was afraid – you know, “pre-wedding jitters!” 

It was a beautiful ceremony, although not legal! Boo hoo. The state revoked gay marriage before they made it official – but Grace bought the whole family tickets to NY so they can get married! Ha ha!

Also in this episode, everyone is still being mean to Sarah (ok, now I am feeling bad for her). To make Sarah mad and jealous, Robbie invites the bartender to the wedding. Both she and Sarah see that he is being a jerk. He does need to talk to her, right? Break-ups are never fun!

After they finish insulting each other, she leaves – for good. She quit (after talking with Mack of course) and went to work for Roger. I can’t blame her. If everyone was ignoring me and not letting me explain myself, I would probably move on too. We all make mistakes, don’t we?

Next, I was happy to see Marina break up with Greg, and Kip with Chloe (although I have to say it wasn’t cool to trap her in a boat to do it). Yes, both now available – for each other! I must say, I like the Kip and Marina storyline. They are so cute! I loved when Marina kissed Kip … we’ve been waiting for it!

Ok, Mack and Cole. They have a nice make-out scene, but she tells him he is too young for her (go girl!). He doesn’t want to accept it, but she does want what’s best for him. She wants him to find himself and figure out his life. I agree with her, but … he is pretty sweet, and a hunk!

Let’s move on to “Harvest Moon.” When Mack’s parents arrived and saw how her dad was behaving, I thought he was having symptoms of memory loss or Dementia. Her mom defended him by saying he has always been different, but I think Mack was aware that her dad wasn’t acting right. She was stressed about them coming to visit, and you could tell.

Kip is still over the moon after the kiss with Marina. Buzz says she wants him. Kip is staying cool. Grace is pretty funny. She says (in her own words) that Buzz isn’t right about what girls want. She has some pretty funny lines.

I was going to cry when Marina went to Greg’s cabin to tell him she might be pregnant. No! He won’t take her in to town to get a pregnancy test, but Kip offers to drive her and she tells him why on the way.

He’s shocked and mad at first, but he likes her so much that he said it was “fine.” He tells her he would go with her. They both learned of each others break-ups (yeah), and now this! Rrrr!

Luckily, after a lot of craziness (getting pulled over by the police, Kip only having a permit, the drug store being closed, getting in, then in the middle of a robbery), they have a good conversation. Kip tells Marina he loves her, doesn’t care if she’s pregnant and asks her to marry him!  What?! I laughed – he was so into the moment and likes her so much … it was really sweet, and Marina is so cool that she said to him, “you’re the best person I’ve ever met.” I love this storyline.

Mack’s father (Granddad), became ticked off when the Ridgefield boys hit golf balls into the lake while he and Buzz were fishing. He declares a war on Ridgefield! Silly things like letting the goats into a conference and then taking Roger’s prize horse ensue. Of course, the horse gets loose, but Grace and Buzz find him. Roger is happy now.

Mack is worried about her dad acting so odd for his age, and thinks he may have Alzheimer’s. Roger turns his soft side on (which is sometimes hard to believe because he can be such a jerk) and goes to tell her dad how much she loves him every day and to take him to a doctor.Camp - Season 1

At the end, when everyone is enjoying the evening party,  Mack’s dad explains to Buzz (while sitting on a bench looking at the moon) where the name Harvest Moon came from. He told him that back in the day, the days grew shorter in the Fall – and that was a problem for the farmers – luckily, the moon started showing up earlier and the farmers could see to harvest their crop – “Harvest Moon.”

This recap of “Camp” is a little condensed, but you guys watched it and know how much goes on! Are you liking the show? What are your favorite storylines? We would love to hear from you!






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