Camp: Parents' Weekend

‘Camp’ Recap: Parents’ Weekend – Season 1, Episode 6

Camp: Parents' Weekend

This episode of “Camp” starts with Mack still mad at Buzz for taking Roger’s ATV and wrecking it. They argue (typical with teens – just ask me) and seem to be in the “not getting along” stage of their mother/son relationship.

Cole appears and wants to know what’s wrong. Mack tells him, “What happened to my sweet little boy?” (Thank goodness, other parents say that too!), and Cole replies, “Do you want me to go kick his ass?” I love it!  Yes please. Okay, she didn’t say that, but she is having a hard time with Buzz now, who just wants to have fun, be with friends, and “be with” a girl. Normal, right.

This episode was just so so for me (I still liked it). The most meaningful storyline was about Kip and the possibility of his cancer returning. That’s big. More about that in a minute.

The parents make their entrance one by one. Kip’s dad, Larry, is sort of a nerd and over protective. I understand. I also understand why Larry didn’t want Kip to jump off the Steel Creek Rock Jump, although kids love that kind of adrenalin. Very cool at the end when he and his dad did the jump together! I would be worried if my son had cancer and was off at camp. He is a good dad, and really cares about his son.

Marina’s mom Crystal, as Greg puts it, “is a train wreck.” I did like when Marina told her mom that she is sick of her “dating men who are total losers and become completely dependent on them.” Ouch! But good for her for being honest (I think).

As the show goes on, more comes out about Crystal – her not so moral lifestyle – leading up to Marina losing her virginity when she was only 13; my daughter’s age – oh my lord, I need a glass of wine just thinking about that. Later in the hospital, it was nice seeing Marina and her mother hash things out, ultimately with Crystal telling Marina, “You’re the best thing I ever did.” Ah … of course she is.

Zoe’s mom. Ugh, the New Jersey Housewife type (no offense to anyone). What she is, is a pageant mom – yes, one of those. What did you think of her? It explains why Zoe is the way she is, however. We did see a sweet side come out – not ratting Marina out, and also realizing that Buzz is a sweet guy (kissing him). I think they would be cute together, don’t you?

Miguel and Sarah. As you know, I’m not too fond of this storyline. There is really no depth to it, and you know Miguel  is just having fun with her. When she’s over at his place (again), he charms her (he would charm me too) and she buys it. When she leaves his room, Roger see’s her, but thinks she is just there to use Ridgefield’s fitness center.

Later, Robbie and Sarah are at a bar, and when she sees Miguel with a pretty book agent, she ends up confronting Miguel (really), and he tells her he is moving back to New York to further his writing career. She ends up at his place that night, but Robbie ends up there too, after Roger unknowingly lets it out that Sarah visits Ridgefield often. Hum, Robbie discovers her betrayal and says “I don’t want to know you anymore.” It was anti-climatic for me. What about you?

Cole is still after Mack (come on, give in), but she is resistant. Okay, she has a lot going on, but … he is cute and very sweet. I know some of you don’t want them together, but he is a good guy. That’s what a woman needs, right? Ok, he’d good looking, too!

The BIG storyline was with Kip and the possibility that his cancer had returned. Cole takes Kip to a bar and Kip doesn’t feel well. He goes to the bathroom and starts to vomit blood. I was afraid for him. I can’t imagine always being in fear that my cancer might come back (if I had it). He comes back out of the bathroom and tells Cole he’s sick, but agrees to help him in a dart contest against Roger. Of course, he wins it for Cole, but then collapses onto the floor. “I need my dad,” Kip says.

Everyone worries about Kip and ends up at the hospital for support. It was nice seeing everyone come together and be there for him. Thank goodness it was just food poisoning. Maybe with this scare, Marina and Kip may come together. We’ll see.

This wasn’t my favorite episode, but it had a couple of important stories. I liked Marina working things out with her mom, and of course, Kip and his cancer scare – the way his dad and the camp were there to support him.

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2 responses to “‘Camp’ Recap: Parents’ Weekend – Season 1, Episode 6”

  1. Brent Avatar

    I am loving this little summer Gem.

    The ratings are not amazing though 🙁

    It’s funny. A lot of the actors are from an Australian show called Dance Academy.

    I thought it would put me off hearing all these fake American accents but they obviously have an ok dialect coach and my mind has separated the two shows now and I am really getting into it.

    Buzz is so funny and I felt so sorry for him this week.

  2. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I so have to catch up on this series. Didn’t realize that about a lot of the actors being from the Australian Dance Academy. Rachel Griffiths is a favorite. I hope it gets renewed!

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