Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly in NCIS
NCIS: Cote de Pablo
Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly in “NCIS” | CBS

I’m a member of the Television Critics Association, but never make the winter or summer press tours, because there’s always something else going on. The summer press tour is happening right now, but I’m about to head into the madness of the Traverse City Film Festival (I’m also blogging for them here).

But this morning, TCA members received a note from Dianne Lodder, a fierce “NCIS” fan, and I wanted to pass it along to you. Rather than try and paraphrase her words, I’ll just give you her words directly.

Cote de Pablo in "NCIS" | CBS
Cote de Pablo in “NCIS” | CBS

Dianne Lodder writes:

As you have probably heard, Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David on ‘NCIS,’ will be leaving the show. This makes the majority of the fans very unhappy. We love Cote and we love her character Ziva. She is the most interesting character to many people and also a great role model and inspiration.

Many are also very sad because it will take away the Tony/Ziva relationship, which is a huge element in the show that many people enjoy. This is a romance we have been waiting to see happen for eight years! The past two years, especially, the writers have been building towards the moment where it would finally happen, slowly but beautifully. Now, if it happens at all, it will be rushed and bittersweet.

Moreover, the characters on the show are a family, and it will be incredibly painful to see one leave. Both on the show and behind the scenes, the cast will at all times feel incomplete. The reason this cast is so great and this show works so well is because of the combination of these people. Any change, in terms of one of the main cast leaving, will have a huge impact, and not for the better.

‘NCIS’ has been the number one show for years with ratings going up each year so far. We all know that the show really took off after Cote joined in season 3. Moreover, the episodes that focus on her character are often the ones that get the most viewers. Most of us feel fairly certain that ratings will drop after Cote’s departure.

It will be hard, we believe, for the show to keep going without her. It will be awkward. As I said before, this cast and the characters on the show are like a family, and after so many years, they feel like family to the fans too. To us, it seems that CBS does not understand how important this show and this cast is to the fans. No one is in any way replaceable!

For many reasons, most fans do not believe CBS’s official statement saying that Cote wanted to leave. Of course, we do not know the situation and are not certain about anything. Everything is very vague and the more we think about it, the stranger it all seems. It is for this reason that a lot of fans around the world have started projects to get Cote back on ‘NCIS.’

Some of the things fans have been doing include sending many e-mails, letters, notes, cards, posters, and so on to CBS headquarters and individuals at CBS. I think some people even worked together to send cupcakes and M&Ms. We have been using quotes from the show and cast, among other things.

We have also been working on picture and video projects either for Cote, to say goodbye and thank you (in case she really leaves), or for CBS to let them know we want Cote back. As you may have noticed, fans around the world who have a Twitter account took to Twitter this past week from Tuesday- Friday and got the topic trending worldwide on all those days. Tuesday’s trend was #BringBackCote, on Wednesday it was #DearCBSWeWantCote, Thursday’s was #SaveZiva, and Friday’s trend was #CotesArmy.

The last thing I will mention in this e-mail is the petition started just a few days after the news came out. After two weeks, this petition to bring Cote back to ‘NCIS’ has nearly 14,000 signatures.

Please check out everything on tagged under such things as ‘operation bbc’, ‘bringbackcote’ (with or without spaces), ‘cote’s army’, and ‘safeziva’.

Once again, it would be very much appreciated by approximately 99% of the ‘NCIS’ fans around the world if you would be able to help us in any way.

Happy to help, Dianne!


  1. I despise Ziva and hate the Tiva aspect of the show. Where the hell does she get off thinking she deserves to make the same as Michael Weatherly. She is not the show and people will get over it! If you notice Pauley is the only one commenting and it is more of a whine because fans are being mean to her. Weatherly does not want TIVA and neither do MORE than 1% of the fans. Please get a reality check and take on some of the real issues in life that do not involve TV characters.

      • Let me preface this by saying I like Cote, I like Ziva, and the credible sources I’ve read have all debunked the theory that she was pushed off. So I’m not happy to see her go, BUT I respect her decision.

        However, Mary Furlong, I’d love to know where you get your ‘facts’ – the majority want her to remain? 20 million viewers in the US alone, and last time I checked the bring back Cote petition had less than 14,000 signatories despite the fact that there are people signing it from all over the world. CBS can do the maths…

        I’m frankly annoyed that the person who wrote the letter in this article presumes to speak for “most of the fans” – it simply isn’t true. Sorry, but “most” of the fans likely don’t even know she’s leaving. “Most” of the fans don’t follow what’s happening with a show during the hiatus. “Most” of the fans aren’t as invested as the people who are involved in the fandom.

        Within the fandom, it’s STILL inaccurate to keep going on about “most” of the fans – as far as I can tell, there is a vocal minority of extreme Cote fans (and by no means all the Cote fans, I know a few who are extemely sad that she’s leaving but still manage to respect her decision) who refuse to accept any evidence to the contrary and prefer to believe that Cote has been pushed out. Heck, there are plenty of fans who either hate Tiva or hate Ziva and are delighted to see her go. I’m not one of them, but I still recognise they exist and have every right to have an opposing opinion.

        I’m pretty p’d off, in all honesty, that this one fan is trying to speak for the fandom; her “most of the fans” rhetoric is presumptuous and just plain inaccurate. Mary Furlong is also being presumptuous. Stop speaking for the fandom as if they all agree with you! They don’t.

        I can speak for myself: I’m sorry to see Cote go, she seems a cool and funny woman, and I like Ziva. That said, I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that her departure was orchestrated by CBS, or that she left because they didn’t give her enough money. I have seen evidence that she’s a strong willed, intelligent woman, who would be most unlikely to allow herself to be pushed around, and who makes her own decisions. I have seen evidence that they tried hard to get her to stay. I have seen evidence that she and the rest of the people involved with the show are sad about it, and that she did not make the decision lightly. I’ve also seen other actors and characters I love leave shows I love, and it’s sad, but it’s not the end of the world. NCIS was NCIS before Cote, and will still be NCIS after Cote.

        I’m sorry to see her go, but I respect her decision. Fair winds and following seas, Cote.

        The only people I’m currently angry or upset with are those who purport to speak for “most of the fandom”, and who thus are presuming to speak for me and for many others who don’t believe the conspiracy theories, and who aren’t desperate for her to stay at any cost. I can completely live without those people, and to be honest, I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion the fandom is better off without them.

    • I know!! The entitlement of her particular part of the fandom has always been astounding and unfortunately anyone associated with entertainment media eats up what they say as gospel…

    • The suggestion that she’s leaving because she wanted more money is a vague rumour based on nothing but speculation. Don’t blame Cote for that. Some of her fans on the other hand…

  2. Dear Jane and others of the TCA,

    While Diane and many of her friends are sad about the departure of Cote de Pablo and the loss of her character on NCIS, there are just as many fans who wish Ms. de Pablo the best but are either ambivalent or thrilled that the character she plays will be gone. Many, many fans dislike the supposed Tiva romance and feel like the relationship has been shoe-horned into the show. We also feel like the storylines and character development have suffered. Heck, we feel as if a fun crime fighting procedural,has been turned into a soap opera.

    Please, please do NOT report just one side of this sad debate. Some of these fans trying to drum up support for Cote de Pablo’s retention are wonderful people, but there are several fans who arewriting truly mean comments, even death threats to the other actors of the show, as well as the writers and producers, even people who are only tangentially connected to NCIS.

    The vast majority of fans are shocked and embarrassed and shocked at the antics of these fringe lunatics. Don’t pander to a vocal minority without sharing the feelings of,the silent majority.


    • only a FEW people are nasty. I have seen HUNDREDS of wonderful fans who have been nothing but supportive. Focusing on the FEW is completely misleading and unfair to the others.

      • I was very specific that it was a FEW people behaving irresponsibly. Please read more carefully.

        Right now I hate to read any kind of news about NCIS because it is always twisted back to this mess of a topic. At this rate, most of America will be thrilled when she is gone just so they can read about something else and not endure the regiments here and elsewhere.

        The reason I even responded wasn’t to promote hate or engage in battle with others, but to point out that the paperclip brigade is not the only part of the fandom despite how vocal they are. And the sweeping generalizations in the letter are misleading on this topic.

  3. Bring Back Ziva…….we have waited 8 yrs for Tony & Ziva to get together and now you’re pulling the plug!!!!! Are you crazy!!! Kate was OK but NCIS really got it all together when Cote joined and the marriage of all the characters work perfectly. This is a not an option. Cote must remain with the series!

  4. Nice sweet comment Becky – starting with ‘I DESPISE ZIVA’ and ending with it’s only a TV show. Every word in Ms. Lodders letter in my humble opinion is so totally correct – and very polite to all concerned. You must not have been watching the same show as we have been watching. Michael Weatherly and Cote DePablo just heat up the screen and they haven’t even kissed. It has been the number one interest on the show for years now – or do you just enjoy watching Pauley Perrette in the lab for 2 minutes ? She certainly has her role in this show but it is a secondary role – Cote is the lead actress – on screen as much as Michael Weatherly – and a very important part of the success of NCIS. Perhaps you would be less nasty if you switched channels and watched something less stressful and a show where you enjoy ALL the main characters – just a thought.
    Or maybe just take a chill pill and try being less rude. Thank you !

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Cote/Ziva, and feel absolutely cheated by this callously abrupt removal of her character. After she leaves I will not watch the show.

  6. I always find it very amusing how, whenever the campaign to bring Cote back gets some positive feedback in the media, one of the Ziva/Cote haters must come and put their stamp on it like their opinion is law.

    It’s very telling that the Ziva haters are so vocal. They are clearly shaking in their boots because they didn’t seem to believe that the Cote de Pablo fans had it in them to fight for what they believe in.

    The fact is, Ziva/Cote fans had a worldwide trending topic four days in a row. It isn’t just a handful of people doing this – it takes a lot of people to get a hashtag to trend globally. This isn’t just a small vocal minority here who are fighting against Cote de Pablo’s departure – it’s lot of people who are feeling a great loss to a great show.

    Now everyone here is entitled to their opinion, but the thing is, there’s honestly no need for such hatred and mudslinging to abound. Last I checked, all of us like the same show. And I can’t help but wonder why someone so vehemently hates a character but continues to watch, even knowing how prominently she’s featured. And the ratings do not lie – the episodes which featured Ziva David were the highest rated ever. So say what you will, Ziva haters, but it seems a significant portion of the fanbase disagrees with you.

        • If it was a worldwide trend why is it not included in a single list of tracked worldwide trends? There are a lot of places that track them and not a single one picked up any NCIS related trend at the times claimed.

      • No, it was worldwide – I saw it with my own eyes – and there are dozens of screenshots floating around to prove it. I know how to turn off targeted trends.

    • perhaps y’all need to prove that it isn’t just a small group constantly typing your hashtag into tweet after tweet and retweeting anyone who does that. That’s not truly getting your statement across with solid evidence

      And on the flip side, I’m laughing at the thought that this supposedly small group of ‘haters’ as you like to refer to ANYONE who doesn’t worship at the altar of ziva and tiva, always makes certain fans come out with venomous words practically foaming at the mouth

      • I’m not even a Tiva fan, so I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. I am, however, a Ziva fan. And a Cote de Pablo fan. I will support her no matter where she goes – but I truly loved watching her on NCIS.

        At the end of the day, if all of the campaigning being done is for naught, at least Cote de Pablo will know that her fans care for her and that she will be missed on the show. I have no grand delusions that suddenly CBS is going to open up hundreds of letters and rewrite the scripts. In fact, I know that this whole thing may be unsuccessful. But I didn’t stoop low enough to insult anyone for their opinions throughout this whole thing, while I’ve been consistently told I am stupid, a loser, and many other lower forms of life for deigning to care about a character on a television show.

        And pray tell, what are you if not a Ziva hater? It is clear that you despise her. I don’t know why you continue to browbeat people who liked watching the character. You have gotten what you wished, she is leaving. I don’t know why you insist on causing mayhem wherever people share their opinions on NCIS.

      • No, no they really don’t; they don’t need to prove anything. CBS has the hard and fast numbers which is all that counts in the final analysis. The network has received the letters, cards, emails, tweets in support of, and appreciation for, Ms. de Pablo. Whether you believe Ms de Pablo was a valued member of the cast, with many fans is immaterial; the network actually knows for certain.

        • Yes, they have the hard and fast numbers:

          On the one side, viewing figures in the millions and tens of millions in the US alone.

          On the other hand, worldwide petition that’s been touted all over the place, relentlessly advertised on social media, and is currently only below the news items on google search, that has just barely broken 16k signatories.

          Yup. CBS can do the maths.

          I’m sorry to see Cote go, but to suggest most of the fans are devastated is to ignore some hard and fast numbers.

    • You know what “I” find amusing, JDA? The legion of Ziva/Tiva fans who call anyone who doesn’t share their POV that Ziva and Tiva are beloved by the majority of fans “haters”. Sadly, there are many of these Cote fans saying mean and incredibly hateful things to the rest of the cast, the writers, producer, and basically anyone who isn’t a fan of the Ziva character, on twitter, FB and any public forum available. Then they come to these unsuspecting journalists and give them the sugar-coated, decidedly one-sided POV of the fans at large. And please don’t tell me these fans are only a small percentage, because the hate, and entitlement is quite prevalent. Further, Ms Lodder saying that these Cote fans believe the ratings will go down, simply because their favorite decided to leave, is just pettiness. They don’t “believe” the ratings will drop, they intend to “make” them drop,and are are all out boycotting the show and CBS. So just because they don’t like the show anymore, everyone else, who likes NCIS for ALL the characters, must suffer? How selfish and petty. Shame on you.

    • I don’t have an issue at all with BBC getting positive coverage.

      I do have a problem when that involves someone speaking for “most of the fandom” when they clearly don’t.

      I love Ziva, I think Cote seems awesome, I’m sad she’s leaving. However, I respect her decision.

      The most hatred and mudslinging I have seen is from Cote fans going too far, people being abusive towards other members of the cast, saying that the show will fail without her, and painting anyone who isn’t passionately campaigning for her to return as a hater. I’ve seen a couple of people being rather disgustingly gleeful about her leaving, but besides that, most of the fans I personally know are behaving like adults, whether they like her or not. Most of the negativity I have seen has been from Cote fans, sad to say. A small proportion of them, who are making other fans of hers and the fandom in general look bad.

      The biggest Cote fan I know, who was horrified when she heard the news, is anxious about how they will write her out, incredibly sad to see her go, but respects her decision… Because she’s a fan of Cote, NOT just a fan of Ziva/Tiva.

  7. I would like some cold, hard proof that 99% of the NCIS fans feel the way Becky does. I want links to actual sources, not lame internet polls, or Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook fans with their 12 different accounts.
    The petition only has like 13,000 signatures, out of 20 million viewers. That’s not even 1 percent. Cite me some sources and I will consider believing you.
    The vast majority of fans don’t even know she’s leaving the show. I’m guessing most people will be bummed Cote left, but they’ll continue to watch every Tuesday. Get over yourselves and get a life already.
    As Pauley P said, “she left” the rest of the cast is still there.
    If you’re going to stop watching, just stop. Leave the writers, the producers, the cast and the other fans alone.

    • theres a lot of fans who dont use social media & most of them probably have no idea that cote is leaving the show. that maybe why it seems like such a small portion of the fandom is fighting this. ultimately the ratings will show, no way to know until that happens. i dont know if i will watch when she leaves i guess ill have to see how it goes.

    • More food for thought: in 2011, Cote was named the second most popular primetime star according to Q Score. Later that same year, she won TVLine’s “Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament” after having gone up against 63 other popular female characters from police procedurals. The tournament, according to TVLine, had gotten almost one million votes by the end.

      Right now, it’s difficult to get an exact percentage on how people are reacting to the news, but this information does suggest that Ziva is a well-liked character. Therefore, I would think that the majority of the audience would be upset should she be written out.

      Here’s the links:

    • “The vast majority of fans don’t even know she’s leaving the show. I’m guessing most people will be bummed Cote left, but they’ll continue to watch every Tuesday.”

      This seems by far the most likely scenario to me. I strongly suspect the average NCIS fan hasn’t got a clue of the kerfuffle happening, and will react with “Oh, that’s a shame, I liked her. I wonder who’s going to replace her.”

      • Mark Harmon makes 525K per episode. Michael Weatherly makes 250K per episode. Cote De Pablo makes 120K per episode. Yeah, I’d say it’s about money and I would also say that as one of the main characters De Pablo should be making closer to Weatherly’s salary. She came on in season 3 and has been there for 8 years – it isn’t like she’s only been there for a couple of seasons!!!

        • I’m bemused why you chose my post to reply to about money, but oh well.

          We have zero idea of how much she was offered to stay, since the contract you’re referring to is the one that was due for renegotiation. The best sources we have? Say she was offered megabucks to stay and they didn’t want to lose her.

          Cote is now on record saying her reasons for leaving are personal and she’d like to leave it at that. Maybe this is the time people should actually start respecting her decision and grow up.

  8. Dear Jane –

    Here’s hoping you will entertain another letter and viewpoint from an NCIS fan.

    While you and others in the media are searching and examining the items the letter writing asks you to look at, perhaps you’d also like to look at the general twitter feeds of cast members – let’s start with Pauley, who has been soundly abused by various tiva/ziva fans for not showing enough grief over Cote’s imminent departure. Moving on to Brian Dietzen, who has also been roundly insulted on his twitter feed for uttering a remark that Mark Harmon has stated many a time. and let’s not forget Michael Weatherly. He’s been asked numerous times in many different ways what he did to help Cote. He’s also been asked how he can survive as an actor without her around. In addition some wonderful fans have hinted to him that they know Cote is leaving because she can’t stand being the ‘other woman’ and still a few others have wished that his wife miscarry their child. Lovely fans, aren’t they?

    Moving on, we have the fans who are doing the petitions and letter writing. One has called Sean Murray’s sister in law a vile name behind her back. Many are now also attacking other Cote fans who have decided not to participate in this ‘campaign’. They have also twisted the known details to claim gender discrimination against the network and even go so far as to claim it’s because of race, since neither the actress nor the character she plays identify as a WASP.
    Let’s also encourage fans to mail paper clips and many other things to CBS and to even call their receptionist and scream/chant ‘bring back Cote’ into the ear of the unsuspecting receptionist.

    Let’s not leave out the ‘sweet’ videos that are being made about how fans just desperately want their tiva romance before Cote leaves because Michael/Tony will be useless without her. And, oh, after the video has been tweeted and retweeted everywhere possible, let’s also encourage fans who live geographically close to the studio to picket the set.

    What this all boils down to is you have a small part of a fanbase that is 20 million strong who wanted to see every aspect of a romance between the two ‘pretty people’ on the show. Add to that for years these ‘fans’ have been catered to by the network, the show runner, the writers and the entertainment media. Oops, the whole cast is a family and would never split up aspect has been blown because one wants to do other things with her life. Now you have fans who won’t get to see the romance spelled out on camera in great detail and they are ticked off and letting the world know it.

    Fortunately these ‘fans’ – many of whom used to claim to love the ‘whole show’ and were ‘true fans’ – are now counting the days when they will leave. Many have already left but are still throwing temper tantrums all over the ‘world wide web’. But there are millions who are just as excited for S11 as they were S10. Who would never trash the show runner in emails, tweets, forum posts the way these ‘fans’ are with the current NCIS show runner.

    It’s almost as if they are determined to destroy the fandom and the show because their dream of the cast being BFFs and family was blown out of the water.

    • i think a lot of fans who like ziva will leave, if they dont like the show anymore why continue to watch. this i dont understand why watch if u hate ziva so much anyway she is a main character. i think many will wait and see if it is good still. sorry my english.

      • You have an excellent point – why continue to watch?

        What’s funny about your point is that since end season 6/beginning season 7 when decisions by the then show runner made the character distasteful and the entire idea of a romance beyond nauseating, the growing number of fans who don’t like the fictional character have been told to just turn the channel or turn off the tv. They’ve been told that it was the fans of ziva and of tiva that were the TRUE fans of NCIS and cared about the whole show and the whole cast and loved them desperately.

        Oh wow – suddenly the only thing we hear now is that the fans of ziva will all leave because there’s nothing for them on the show without her. and they’re predicting lower than season 1 numbers without them. Inconvenient truths – when many are reminded of what they said just a few short years ago, they come out snarling and snapping like rabid dogs.

        They have blamed the current show runner for the idea that they are losing the show, the character. Why? Because they weren’t given their romance, scene by nauseaing scene on their television every week.

        • the funny thing is, while the show runner was making choices that “ruined” the show, the ratings just got higher and higher. So how do you figure everyone hates Ziva?
          and for the record, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has blamed Gary for Cote’s departure. I have seen nothing but sympathy. He was VERY clear that he thought Cote would be back to continue this wildly popular story line.

          • Obviously there’s a difference here in what a few see versus what others see….in many on line comments, Gary is getting roundly trashed for ‘ruining tiva’ and ‘not understanding the character of ziva at all’ therefore misusing her and killing a ship that some seem to base their whole lives on….and before you say that’s simply not true, I’d encourage you to read the #tiva on twitter. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. You’d think many lost a close family member for how some say they can’t go on in life without ziva or tiva.

            My favorites though are the posts by people who go by other names – fake ones so they can use their real ones to seem like moderates or ‘true fans’. that’s when the nasty really comes out.

      • I’m bemused where in that post you answered you got the impression the poster hates Cote. I’ve just read it twice because I thought I’d missed something.

        Respecting her decision to leave the show and thinking it can continue without her is not the same as hating her. Frankly, it’s pretty ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

  9. Dear Ms. Boursaw – Thank you for taking the time to publish Ms. Lodder’s letter. As an older female NCIS fan, in the core demographic of 25-54, I echo her concerns about the loss of Ziva and Ms. de Pablo from the NCIS cast. I have greatly enjoyed watching the character development of Ziva over these past eight years – she is one of the few truly strong lead female characters on TV combining strength and vulnerability in a dynamic package that sets NCIS apart from other police procedurals. And I am extremely disappointed not to see her journey play out as it should have.
    I do not for a moment believe I’m in a minority of viewers when I make those statements. Please look at NCIS’ viewer numbers for this past year (the numbers I use come directly from CBS’ own press release dated February 1, 2013 announcing the show’s 2013-2014 renewal) – season 10 was the MOST watched season in the show’s 10 year history with an average of 21.48 million viewers, an increase of 7% (or roughly 2 million viewers) from the previous season. Those audience numbers made NCIS the #1 show on television surpassing even Sunday Night Football in popularity. In addition, the most watched episode of the show’s ENTIRE 10 year history with 25.36 million viewers was Shiva which aired January 15, 2013 and focused heavily on the character of Ziva David. Again those numbers come directly from the CBS press release and illustrate that NCIS and its show runner were clearly doing something right for a 10 year old show to reflect those viewer numbers.
    I have heard that Ms. de Pablo wanted to return for season 11 and was in negotiations which came down to the wire. Ultimately, no agreement was reached because Ms. de Pablo was asking for a one year contract at a salary “closer” in pay to that of her male co-star Michael Weatherly while CBS was pushing for a two year deal at a lower rate. I make no claim to know what dollar figures are involved here, and I invite any one who does claim to know to provide solid proof – like a copy of Ms. de Pablo or Mr. Weatherly’s paycheck – before casually throwing around figures. What I will say is that I am extremely disappointed that CBS placed such a high value on Charlie Sheen given his reprehensible behavior while a dedicated and talented actress can’t get “closer” in pay to her male co-star.
    I would strongly urge CBS to reconsider their actions with Ms. de Pablo and find a resolution that would allow NCIS to keep this fantastic cast together for all of the 21.48 million viewers that made it the #1 show on television.

    • UPDATE: CBS President Leslie Moonves told TV critics de Pablo wanted off “NCIS.”

      “We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money and then we offered her even more money. We really didn’t want to lose her,” he said. “She didn’t want to do the show. It was purely her decision. ‘NCIS’ is our highest-rated show and we don’t like losing anybody. We did everything humanly possible. We feel like we exhausted every possible opportunity and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show.”

      The “they didn’t give her enough money” narrative has so many holes it’s amazing it’s still afloat.

  10. I find it hilarious how some people can act like Ziva/Cote isn’t a major part of the show, when her story arcs have consistently shown to be the highest rated, and the most Ziva-centric episode in NCIS history, “Shiva,” brought in more viewers than any other episode in 10 years.

  11. I love Cote de Pablo and I am deeply saddened by the news. No one can change my opinion of her no matter what.

    If there’s so much people who hate Ziva, why not prove it? All i could see around are nasty comments made by a handful of people on different websites, and no actual proof. Some comments even have the similar word patterns and identical sentence structures.

    • Are you talking about the people who are harassing cast, crew and associates? Proof of that is easy to see, just take a look at their twitter feeds.

    • Simple – the intense hatred by the ziva/tiva fans who are regularly on line has driven many a fan away from commenting anywhere

          • I have something to fight for. You got what you wanted. You are clearly visiting FAR more websites and boards than I am since you are reading things I’ve never seen. do you have a job? how do you have time? You even found the nick I use on another board. sorry but I don’t get it.

      • It has been the anti TIVA and Ziva and Cote fans that pushed me away from the CBS boards. The Yahoo group will not allow anything about ships on there group thus censoring what is said about NCIS and not allowing the people who are fans of TIVA to voice any opinion thus making it seem that there is no following. Especially since Harriet the liaison for NCIS fans is on there reading what the fans want. Well at least what the moderators determine the fans can say.

        • wow…Now this is rich…but a complete batch of lies…

          you were there, nearly to the end on the original CBS boards in the Tiva forum, only coming out when the age old story came up of how a couple of tiva fans crashed the set. The yahoo group has let plenty of pro ziva posts onto it along with posts that talk about the chemistry between the characters. They have also rejected many a post that complained about ziva or tiva. But you know – your victim act, ziva4tony has always been outstanding all the while you bash whatever person against the character or ship happens to entire your line of fire. Too bad most of what you claim is far from true….although I have no doubt that you see it to be true in your mind…because, of course, NCIS without 40 minutes of each week devoted to that one trick faux romance and nauseating character who is a violent bully wouldn’t be a show for you….

          too bad the reporter who wrote this article hadn’t looked at the other missives penned by people from the TCA who saw thru the ruse of this ‘campaign’ for the entitled hissy fit it’s always been

    • I have seen very few people saying they hate Ziva. Most of the fans I know are just like me: I like Ziva, I like Cote, I’m really sorry to see her leave, I hope they don’t kill her off, and I’m deeply curious how they will resolve the Tiva storyline. However, I have seen no credible evidence to suggest she was pushed off, I’ve seen much evidence that suggests she’s not a woman who would take this decision lightly, and I respect her too much to try and guilt her into changing what must have been a very difficult choice.

      People keep acting like there are only two sides – those who loathe Ziva/Cote/Tiva and are glad to see her leave, and those who adore her, want Tiva to be canon, and are devastated. It’s simply not true. One of the biggest Ziva/Cote fans I know dislikes the Tiva pairing completely – even though she likes Tony/Michael, too. She just doesn’t like them as a couple.

      The majority of fans fit into neither extreme, and are perplexed by those who insist on corralling them into pro and anti groups.

      • I don’t think anyone’s trying to guilt her into changing her mind; I think it’s more that people are trying to support Cote if this was about salary and she did in fact want to stay. As Ziva4Tony put it, if she truly wants to leave, at least she can see she’s loved by the audience, and if it’s about contract disputes/financial reasons, then maybe CBS will reconsider.

        Looks like there’s two “Sarahs” here. Just wanted to clarify that we’re two separate people, so there’s no confusion in the comments.

        • Thing is, the narrative that it’s about the money has basically nothing backing it except vague rumours and assumptions. Cote made a decision, and huge numbers of fans are unwilling to respect her enough to accept her decision.

          Every credible source says she was offered piles of cash and they didn’t want to lose her. Mark Harmon is typically the first to protest if cast members are being treated badly, and it’s obvious from interviews that they’re close. All e sources suggesting it is because CBS wouldn’t pay her enough are rumours and gossip, being reported in papers like The National Enquirer for pete’s sake.

          As such, the abuse that’s being thrown at CBS, other cast members etc, is totally uncool, and the lack of respect shown towards Cote herself is also pretty distressing for people who are supposed to be her fans.

  12. Thank you for your post Jane. I’ve been a fan of the show since 2010 and I’m very upset about Cote’s departure. Since the news came out, I’ve been going to the NCIS facebook page every day, were dozens and dozens of people share my thoughts; young people, old people, men, women… we all have a thing in common: we want CBS to keep Ziva. But I’m going to be honest: you can also find other fans who hate Cote/Ziva and (of course) are happy she will be gone; one thing I’ve noticed about them: you can count them with the fingers of a single hand. Yeah, they are going to argue about it, saying just a few of them post there because other fans attack them. But else can they expect? the mayority of the Ziva related posts want her back on NCIS. And so do I.

  13. Dear Jane

    I have watched NCIS since 2006, I saw an episode with Cote and fell in love with her character. Well I went and got the DVD’s for the previous seasons and found that season 1 and 2 were ok but just not my taste. I did watch them however if I would have quit watching if the showed would have continued as I found Tony to be an over grown teenager and Kate a vindictive and manipulative female chauvinist. I actually enjoyed Abby more in season 1 and 2 she seem more mature then.

    Well from the moment I started on season 3 I loved seeing the interaction of Tony and Ziva the phone sex comment is my fav.

    I must admit I am a shipper when it comes to TIVA, the chemistry was there from the get go. Ziva called out the frat boy and encouraged Tony to mature and grow up, yet keep his sense of humor. I understand others may not see this and that is there view of the show. I admit I never saw the relationship with Grisom and Sarah on CSI but it happened.

    I also do not believe Cote choose to leave just because she did not want to, however in Hollywood you can not come out saying hey I wanted to stay but….. She needs to work and that place is not forgiving.

    I think CBS and Cote both need to see that her fans are totally backing her. If this was her decision to leave at least she sees we will miss her and want her to stay. If it was more CBS not giving in to what ever she wanted in her contract and thus Cote choosing to leave then maybe CBS will give in and let her have what she wants in her contract IE more equal pay to MW or SM she is on the screen as much as MW and more than SM many weeks, and PP is on maybe 15 mins of a show and is paid the same as Cote who is on about 30 mins of the 43 min show. We will never know the real reason behind anything and I could care less.

    For me I got into the show because Ziva’s character drew me in with a strong female independent character that knew what she wanted. The last 3 season Gary Glassberg has nearly destroyed her character making her weak. I was not happy with Tony was upset and acting as though Ziva cheated on him when she was in Israel and had a “moment of weakness” with Adam. Hmmm Tony was not dating Ziva nor did he give her a ring. He just said your not alone, well he could have joined her in Israel but he did not even try to comfort her or stay with her as she held her father who was dead. So yes I will quit watching NCIS. I am not sure I will watch the final destruction of her character as Glasberg is writing the season premier and I think his writing is lousy at best. I refuse to see how he finishes the murder of Ziva’s character.

    I do not wish to see immature Abby in her short skirts she is a little old for this anymore, as I said she was more mature in season 1 and 2. Come on lets here about her writing a paper or discussing new forensic tests. I could care less about Palmer and Brianne adopting a baby. How about adopting an unwanted teenager or preteen that has no one? Also Palmer should be out of medical school now, maybe he should be taking on a case in prep to take over for Ducky. He also needs to mature some, he is no longer a young early 20 yr old living with mommy. Tony well he can keep his little boy bed and his immature and manipulative attitude that shows complete disrespect for women. He just wants to use them and drop them ohh well back to season 1 and 2 Tony. Maybe they can bring back Jean for him and she can tell him what to do and buy there house etc. As for Gibbs well time for him to retire or to move over. Tony and McGee actually deserve there own team. I am bored with Gibbs who can not get over Shannon and Kelly, and who can not move on. Maybe Gibbs needs to turn a new leaf and start over. That would be interesting, just him finally putting his past behind and moving forward would be very interesting. I actually liked season 1-6 Gibbs much better. Ever since the whole Mexico family revenge thing lost me.

    I fear Glasberg is going to kill off Ziva:( If so I think they will be surprised how many viewers will leave. After all SHIELD is coming to ABC and is new and inviting. No more repeat storylines.

    I wish Cote the best maybe she will join SHIELD with Liza Lapria (sp?) It will take time to see her as a different character but I would love to see her in a show where she is the lead:) Cote is very talented and NCIS is loosing a great asset.

    Ohh as for TIVA fans being rude well I have not personally seen anyone ever threatening anyone, however I have seen people who are anti TIVA and anti Ziva and anti Cote make horribly public threats and comments.

    NO ZIVA!! NO NCIS!!!

    • UPDATE: CBS President Leslie Moonves told TV critics de Pablo wanted off “NCIS.”

      “We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money and then we offered her even more money. We really didn’t want to lose her,” he said. “She didn’t want to do the show. It was purely her decision. ‘NCIS’ is our highest-rated show and we don’t like losing anybody. We did everything humanly possible. We feel like we exhausted every possible opportunity and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show.”

  14. Dear Jane

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful letter, which so eloquently portrays the heart-felt feelings of many many NCIS viewers upon finding out the sad news of Cote’s departure from the show.

    I personally could not agree more with the sentiments expressed by Diane Lodder. I feel very strongly that CBS needs to take much more seriously the feelings of the many fans who have gone to great lengths to express their love for Cote de Pablo and their desire for her to remain on the show for as long as SHE wishes to stay there.

    We understand that Cote wanted to sign a one year contract which would have kept her there for all of Season 11, but that CBS refused. We also understand that Cote was asking for a salary closer to her co-star, which seems perfectly reasonable to me, for all of the reasons listed in the letter. If these factors are indeed true, it is extremely upsetting and frustrating. A quick internet search of the salaries paid to TV actresses in America shows that there are a great many women who were paid ALOT more than Cote has been all these years, despite the fact that Cote is THE lead actress on TV’s #1 show. As other people have commented, it is disheartening to see the lengths CBS was willing to go to for the likes of Charlie Sheen, and yet it seems they are so UNwilling to be reasonable when it comes to Cote de Pablo.

    Further, CBS has thus far shown zero compassion for the many fans who have expressed great upset at the thought of a Ziva-less Season 11 of NCIS. You would think that CBS would be a bit more considerate of it’s own viewers, and be more willing to accommodate what Cote requires in order to keep her there for one more year so that a satisfying storyline can be authentically played out for Ziva and Tiva, for the benefit of the loyal fans who have watched Ziva/Tiva’s story for the past 8 years. I am increasing disappointed with CBS’s blatant disregard for it’s own viewers’ feelings.

    I note that the usual small but very active and vocal group of people who have hated Ziva and Cote for 8 long years (but who insisted on continuing to watch the show and to comment incessantly on any online blog about the show) have appeared in the comments section here, and have ‘shared’ their usual vitriolic distaste for Ziva. I suppose they do feel joyful that Cote is leaving, which is quite an unbelievable thing for any supposed fan of NCIS to be feeling at this time because I believe that the show will be irrecoverably wounded by the loss of Cote. I wish that they were able to show a shred of compassion for the many fans who are so upset at this sudden departure of a character who is so dearly loved by many other viewers. Their lack of compassion is very telling about their general state of being.

    So as to finish on a positive note, I want to again thank Jane and Diane for this letter and the support for Cote. I hope the fans who are doing all they can to show Cote how loved she is, to show CBS how loved Cote is, and to try to get a better resolution to the contract negotiations that Cote may hopefully be able to re-engage in, can be re-moTIVAted by this and continue on with the BBC Campaign.

    I know I speak on behalf of many other fans when I wish Cote all the very best for her future, and that we will continue to support her in whatever SHE chooses to do with her life.

    • UPDATE: CBS President Leslie Moonves told TV critics de Pablo wanted off “NCIS.”

      “We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money and then we offered her even more money. We really didn’t want to lose her,” he said. “She didn’t want to do the show. It was purely her decision. ‘NCIS’ is our highest-rated show and we don’t like losing anybody. We did everything humanly possible. We feel like we exhausted every possible opportunity and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show.”

      The “they didn’t give her enough money” narrative has so many holes it’s amazing it’s still afloat.

  15. I have had to deal with Anna for the past days now and she is getting more and more funny as time goes on.

    The funniest thing was when I outed her on the NCIS facebook page as a avid Ziva hater. She even made this comment trying to state that Mark Harmon can not stand Cote de Pablo:

    “ok…then please explain why Harmon calls her goat? and why he shoved her face in a cake and then laughed while she smiled and then walked off. If he thinks that highly of her, why isn’t he an advocate of tiva like she is? and why hasn’t he gone public bemoaning the idea that she’s leaving?”

    If that is not the most stupid thing you have ever heard then I don’t know what is!

    Also that is spreading rumours that Mark hates Cote! That is disgusting! and her argument is just laughable! I mean, he gives her nick names, they all do. He plays around with her, shoving her face into a cake, all the things dad’s do with children, play with them. Gosh, if that is hate then god knows the relationship you had with your father…

    These people claim that Ziva/Tiva fans are sending nasty messages and death threats to the cast but when asked for proof of such things, I got the response of “They have been deleted”. HOW CONVENIENT! It would not surprise me at all if it was them!

    They are jealous of the voice we have right now. That our view is being listened too because we have went the right way about it. If we were sending hate, I am pretty sure we wouldn’t get this much attention that we are getting now. Even the cast and the writers who may or may not like Tiva tweeted the video the fans made

    They loved the creativity of the fandom and the fact that it is classy way of getting out view across, Brian Dietzen even tweeted me to THANK me for making it.

    The problem with these Anit Ziva’s is that they are going around sprouting out that they are “Real fans” because they “respect Cote’s decision”, OF COURSE THEY DO because they don’t want her back! You are not the real fans, real fans love ALL characters! Ziva fans LOVE all characters but they love her more. They do not spend their days spreading hate for any of the character unlike the Anit’s because they are the REAL FANS.

    They also say that “its just a tv show”, “You all need to go outside away from your computer screens”, hypocrites much?! They are behind us every step of the way, leaving hateful and aggressive comments, they spend just as much time in doors as the the people fighting to get Cote back. If it was just a “TV Show” then why on earth spend sooooo much time hating on a character? They are the biggest hypocrites I have ever came across and they contradict themselves with every comment, every tweet and just about everything they do!

    My advice to them is to stop being bitter old ladies and enjoy that Ziva has gone because I have faith that it will not be for long, and then you will have something to whine about!

    • It appears that the Anti-Ziva fans are the true fans because as you & others have stated they haven’t liked the character, most from the end is S6, but continue to watch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read from Cote’s fans that they will no longer watch.

    • Um, respecting her decision doesn’t mean you dislike her or want her to leave. I like Ziva’s character, Cote seems like a really warm, funny, talented lady, and I’m sad to see her go. I also recognise that she’s a grown woman, and I don’t get to dictate to her what she does with her life. I’m hoping that they will let her out alive and she will guest star in future episodes – I’d really love to see that continuity.

      I’m rather sickened that anyone would HOPE for a show to end merely out of glee that people who don’t like the same characters will get a taste of their own medicine or something. Good grief. That’s sad.

      FYI I think it’s clear Mark and Cote get on incredibly well – so if CBS was treating her badly, I’d expect him to be the first in line to protest on her behalf. It was Mark who stuck his neck out over unreasonable working conditions a few years back. His silence speaks volumes – not that he hates her or anything so ridiculous, but that he believe this is her decision and not some Machiavellian scheme from CBS. By the same token that it’s ridiculous to say he hates her, it’s bizarre to imagine he’d stay silent if CBS was shafting her.

    • ahh…Elisha….

      wonder why you never answered those questions I posed to you…

      Word of warning – it’s not trying to make it seem like Harmon hates cdp. personally I don’t care what any of them think of the other – unlike you ziva fans, I totally get that is their own private part of their lives. but you might want to watch it…being reported for slander or harassment isn’t much fun and with the lies you are currently spreading..

  16. Please add me to the group of fans that is not sad to see the character of Ziva leave the show. I believe that that Ziva/Tiva/Mossad storylines have run it’s course and took away from many of the other characters. The Core Four remain (Gibbs, Tony, Abby & Ducky) and as in the past will build from this foundation; a STRONG foundation.

    • I’m sorry – it appears I missed the memo sending us back to 3rd grade to argue over the nature of a true fan.

      All TV shows hope to appeal to as wide an audience as is possible in order to earn advertising and syndication revenues. That was the beauty of NCIS – they had managed to keep the same cast together for many years creating an ensemble that held appeal for every viewer and allowing all fans – Tiva, Jibbs, McNozzo, McAbby, Zabby – to invest in those relationships and enjoy the journey of whichever character (s) they preferred.

      It’s obvious that the NCIS production team was successful in creating a show combining elements for everyone. Audience numbers don’t lie and for the first time EVER in the show’s 10 year history (a total of 234 episodes) – it averaged 21.48 million viewers. The most watched episode of NCIS EVER (again in 10 years and a total of 234 episodes) was Shiva – extremely Ziva-centric in nature it pulled in 25.36 million viewers (live + 3 day lift). For a 10 year old show, that is huge. Take a look at CBS’ own press release dated February 1, 2013 for confirmation of the numbers –

      I will not be watching NCIS without Ziva and Cote. If that makes me an untrue fan in your book, fine by me. But, I see no need to watch something I no longer enjoy – after all TV shows are about being entertained, aren’t they? I see that neither Sean Murray’s character – McGee or Brian Dietzen’s character – Palmer – fall within your core four – perhaps you’re not as much of a true fan as you so loudly trumpet either.

  17. Thank you Diane for writting this, and thank you Jane for not ignoring it.

    Before Cote came into NCIS I didn’t like the show, I really couldn’t care less, it was just another crime show. I gotta admit that the first thing that draw me in was the tiva aspect of it all, but right now I’m fighting to keep Cote back because I like HER, I like her storyline and the character. Yes, I still want tiva to actually happen but if we get to keep Cote I’ll be okay if it never does.

    I like Cote as her own character, not simply because she’s half of the pairing I like.

    So yeah, I’ll sign petitions, I’ll vid myself, I’ll send emails and I’ll send letters filled with anything I can think of.

  18. Very sorry to see Cote de Pablo leave. The character of Ziva was a marvelous creation and Cote de Pablo did a wonderful job of bringing that character to life; she was a fantastic addition to NCIS. I’ve been watching NCIS for ten years and for me the show won’t be worth watching w/o her. She will be very badly missed by many, many fans.

  19. Cote de Pablo is the reason I started watching NCIS. She brought a new and wonderful dynamic to the show. Her relationship with ALL the characters made the show better. Her own character was unique and interesting. As a person, Ms. de Pablo has always handled herself with grace and dignity. I hope they find a way to see how valuable she is and bring her back. I am not making an empty threat when I say I will no longer watch when she is gone.

  20. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for publishing the letter from Ms. Lodder. I’ve heard multiple explanations for why Ms. dePablo’s not returning and I have no idea which is true. But I’m very disappointed that some agreement couldn’t have been reached, and I still have (faint) hope that the outpouring by fans may convince the parties that perhaps there’s still time to make an agreement and keep or bring back the character. So I’m thrilled to see any media outlet giving these efforts coverage.

    I’m a longtime fan of the show. Ziva being written out is particularly bittersweet for me, as I’m primarily a Tony fan, and the Tony/Ziva relationship has been a key factor in showing a more mature Tony. I worry about how his character will fare and I dread a return to the shallow season 1/2 Tony. Which was a lot of fun back then, but a lot of time’s gone by and I have no desire to see that persona resurrected. But then I’d be concerned about any of the major characters departing this late in the show’s run and after such a long time together. I doubt that there’s anyway to handle this departure that will be fully satisfying from a narrative or character standpoint.

    • It isn’t a perfect situation – I’m one of many who are sad to see her leave. I do however think that she’s a grown woman, and if she has decided to leave (and all credible sources credit her with the decision, not penny pinching from CBS) then I choose to respect that.

  21. It’s been reported that Les Moonves from CBS has confirmed with the critics today that they offered Cote money and then more money and tried everything humanly possible to make her stay but she wanted to leave. It was purely her decision and her’s alone.

    • Well, I highly doubt he was ever going to say that they low-balled her and are glad that she is gone. Saying that they offered her “more” money doesn’t necessarily equate to them offering what she was asking. And if she was so dead set on leaving, which is the way Mr. Moonves has made it sound, why even bother with months of negotiations?

      • I don’t know the ins and outs of it but do we know that there were months of negotiations or is it just supposition? I know she said she likes to go to out of the way places for her holidays so perhaps she was out of communications for part of the hiatus and only made her mind up whilst she was away that she didn’t want to come back. They could have then tried to persuade her until the last possible moment and that was why the announcement was left so late.

  22. She’s gone get over it people! There is the rest of he cast still there,4 from the very beginning! You stupid people objecting to her leaving are causing waves and making the rest of the cast feel like they don’t matter. Also to a point they want to leave Tweeter!! You don’ t represent me and Millions of us that are TRUE BLUE fans.

  23. Its definitely time for people to put on their big girl panties and deal with this. Either carry on watching the show or follow Cote to whatever else she does but for heaven’s sake drop the screaming woe. She had the option to stay and she chose not to. She has also chosen not to share the reasons behind her decision with her fans. That is something else they really do have to just accept

    • I think there a good few people who’ve mislaid their big girl panties. Can but hope they will eventually accept it.

      I’m sad she’s leaving, but it’s a TV show and she’s a grown woman. Life goes on.

  24. UPDATE: CBS President Leslie Moonves told TV critics de Pablo wanted off “NCIS.”

    “We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money and then we offered her even more money. We really didn’t want to lose her,” he said. “She didn’t want to do the show. It was purely her decision. ‘NCIS’ is our highest-rated show and we don’t like losing anybody. We did everything humanly possible. We feel like we exhausted every possible opportunity and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show.”

  25. Choosing not to accept an inadequate contract offer, does not equate to “totally her choice to leave”. CBS is doing all they can to paint themselves in the best possible light, to try and stem the ratings carnage to come. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work that out.

    Les is hardly going to come out and say, “We were unwilling to let Cote sign a one year contract so that all of the cast were on the same contract negotiating cycle. We were also unwilling to agree to other things that Cote wanted. So we let her walk”.

    Come on people… don’t be naive.

    I support Cote wherever she goes, but am under no illusion that after months and months of negotiations, she “chose to leave for purely personal reasons”. She contractually is tied and not able to tell her side of the story.

  26. And to those people here saying we need to “get over it”… a Ziva-less NCIS holds no interest for me, so if I give up this fight, I give up NCIS completely.

    If Cote really has walked, then so do I.

  27. I think it odd how NO ONE asked the question:

    “If Cote was DONE with the show and did not want to come back, why on earth did she fight till the last week?! If she was, as you say, finished with the show, why did she even bother going through negotiation?”

    CBS is just coving its ass and even if Cote came out and said it was her choice, it is still CBS coving their ass because who in their right mind will want to piss off the biggest network in TV, you can kiss goodbye to any other acting job in that network and possibly any other one.

    We are never gonna know the reason why she left, but you all need to stop swallowing what the network is saying, they are coving their asses. There is NO WAY IN HELL she wanted to leave the show because she had enough, she spent her whole summer fighting with CBS and then she said no one week before filming. People are so gullible for believing this crap coming from CBS right now.

    • Elisha –

      Unless your ‘source’/BFF has given you the actual time table for the negotiations you don’t know that it really took til the last week. For all anyone knows, cdp walked away from the table a month ago and CBS just chose not to announce it to hope that she changed her mind….it’s not specified so assuming that she was in negotiations til the last minutes might not be true – especially since she wasn’t even in the country for most of her ‘vacation

  28. Thanks for posting this, Jane. I am also among the many fans who love Cote/Ziva, and who will be very sorry to see her go. I started watching in season 4, and while I liked the Navy connection (my dad and grandpa were both Navy), what really drew me in was the characters, especially Ziva. She intrigued and fascinated me from the get-go, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to “know” her over the past several years (yes, I know she’s not real, but the mark of good writing is characters who feel real). It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to a character whose story is far from over.

    As for why Cote’s leaving, I have no trouble believing it’s because CBS didn’t want to give her the contract she asked for; it’s far from the first time something like this has happened. This happened to Melinda K. (I can never remember her full last name) on CSI:NY, AJ Cook and Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds (interestingly, fan outrage brought both actresses back a year later, and CM isn’t nearly as popular as NCIS), and most recently Jennifer Esposito on Blue Bloods (slightly different circumstances, but it boils down to CBS not caring enough to hold her spot for her). There was also Adam Rodriguez from CSI:Miami, and probably others I’m not aware of. So yeah, while it’s possible that Cote really did want to leave all along, I can’t help but feel it’s not likely.


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