Major Crimes: Under the Influence

‘Major Crimes’ Recap: I, Witness – Season 2, Episode 4

Major Crimes: Under the Influence

This episode of “Major Crimes” begins with Provenza and Flynn taking a witness named Lloyd Gibbs to a hotel in preparation for his testimony tomorrow. Instead, he ends up becoming the prime suspect in a new murder case.

A convenience store down the street from the motel was robbed last night, and the owner gunned down in cold blood. The cops storm Lloyd’s room and find a gun and lots of cash. Things don’t look good. They don’t look good for DDA Rios either; she’s spent two years getting the case to this point.

But Lloyd says he was with a “friend” from high school who can vouch for him. Her name is Shampagne. With an “S.” She has a website and charges guys $800 an hour just to talk. But “she’s definitely NOT a prostitute,” says Lloyd.

To pursue this further, the Major Crimes crew sets Flynn – a.k.a. “Lance Fontaine” – up on a “date” with Shampagne. When “Lance” and Provenza go to Shampagne’s house, it’s pretty entertaining. She can “talk” with both, but it’ll be twice the cost.

They haul her back to the station, where Tao finds a workaround to access her very glittery phone. In short, he deactivates it, gives it to her, she tries to put the password in, it doesn’t work, and he takes it back and says he’ll fix it. Yeah, I dunno how he hacked into it, but it somehow involved knowing the password she tried to enter.

Anyway, turns out she’s at the heart of this and wanted Lloyd to cop to the crime. Do people not realize that nothing you say at a police station or Major Crimes division is private? Heck, nothing you say ANYwhere is private these days. There are always people listening in. Have these people not watched “Person of Interest”?

Eavesdropping was sort of the order of the day in this episode. Capt. Raydor listened in as Rusty lied to his friend – a girl whom he’d considered asking to the outdoor movies – that Capt. Raydor wouldn’t let him go. I think because maybe he doesn’t want to put the girl in danger. Is that what you took away from that exchange?

Anyway, Provenza lost the bet that Rusty would ask her out, and now he owes Raydor a month of civility. We’ll see how that works out.

Meanwhile, Raydor freaks out a little while eavesdropping on Rusty, and hearing him tell his friend he’s had threats (as in plural) on his life.

And in more non-privacy issues, Provenza accidentally tells the whole Major Crimes division about Flynn’s high blood pressure. And then Flynn faints – just like he did a few weeks ago at his ex-wife’s house while stressed out over his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

It’s enough to get Flynn to actually start taking those blood pressure meds Provenza has been urging him to take. “I take 20 pills a day with three glasses of wine, and look how healthy I am!” says Provenza.

But I’m glad we got to see Provenza try and keep Flynn calm during this episode, which met with hilarious results.

Your thoughts on this episode?


8 responses to “‘Major Crimes’ Recap: I, Witness – Season 2, Episode 4”

  1. TJ Avatar

    I’m not sure what Capt. Raydor meant about her daughter and her dating boys in her ballet class that did not end well. Does she think Rusty is gay maybe? I wasn’t sure how to read into it.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Yeah, that was kind of an odd statement. I think you might be onto something with her thinking Rusty might be gay. Anyone else have thoughts on that?

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        And maybe *that’s why he lied to the girl and said he couldn’t go…? Hmmm… interesting…

  2. Tim Avatar

    She was definitely saying she thinks rusty is gay! My partner and I said – “ah ha!”….it didn’t occur to us until then, but that’s what she meant.

  3. murphy Avatar

    I loved this episode! I really enjoyed the humor, the interactions between all the cast members (except for Rios, hate her!), and Raydor’s insecurity where Rusty is concerned.
    I didn’t know what to take away from the comment about the ballet class either. But that thought did cross my mind. I thought Rusty might be afraid for her or maybe he had bad memories from being there with whomever he was with before, his mom, maybe.
    I love the insights into Raydor’s personal life and Flynn’s. I’d like to see more interaction between the two. Sanchez, btw, was hilarious, stepping over Flynn to wave to Rios. Buzz has had some great lines lately, to. I love that it’s such an ensemble piece now instead of centering around Brenda all the time, though I liked Brenda.

  4. Shosh Avatar

    Who is the actor that plays Lloyd Gibbs? I’m very curious, he looks so familiar, and I can’t find it anywhere!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Finally figured this out! The actor playing Lloyd Gibbs is Tommy Dewey. He plays Josh Daniels on The Mindy Project and has also been in movies like 17 Again and Step Up Revolution.

  5. […] in as Kris tells Rusty that the last guy she dated ended up being gay. Remember, we had that “is he or isn’t he” discussion a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and Rusty calls DDA Rios “Creepy Emma” when he introduces […]

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