King & Maxwell: Family Business

King & Maxwell: Family Business

Ok, just a quick note on my “King & Maxwell” recaps. I can’t do straight recaps. There’s SO much that happens in a single episode, that writing a straight recap would be like trying to climb Mt. Everest in one hour. So I’ll hit the highlights and talk about the fun stuff.

And the fun stuff this week is … CHRISTIAN KANE! Eliot Spencer from “Leverage”! See, here’s where I think TNT missed a great opportunity. Why not bring the Eliot Spencer character over and make HIM related to Michelle? Wouldn’t that have been fun? Still, it’s great seeing him on screen again, and I hope they bring him back, even though his character is apparently off to run a swim-up bar in Chile.

The opening bit this week was fun. Sean is taking pictures of a woman meeting a man at a hotel. Sean is all geeked over his new camera, which has such a great lens that he can snap pics as he carries it and the snappee never knows they’re being photographed.

Only in this case, the woman DOES know, so she comes over to get the camera from him, which he doesn’t give up willingly and instead throws to Michelle, as Sean gets the crap beat out of him by an adulteress cage fighter. “I can barely move my hand,” he says back at the office. “Should have read the file,” says Michelle.

J.T. is a former cop who’s now working as a private eye – sort of, really? you have to take an exam for this?! – and tracking a guy named Tommy Smith. The guy who hired J.T. is the dad of Claire Culpepper (Sara Canning, who played Aunt Jenna on “The Vampire Diaries”), who’s in love with Tommy Smith. Only she wants to find him, too, so Sean and Michelle end up working on her behalf (as J.T. gets a lesson in the fact that you can’t work both sides of a missing person’s case – again, really?!).

Or in Michelle’s words to Sean: “Look, I adore my brother but he thinks airbrushing a picture of Sherlock Holmes on the side of a van is all it takes to be a private investigator.”

Anyway, when all is said and done, Tommy Smith is actually in the witness protection program, and Claire and he ride (or fly or whatever) off into the sunset at the end. Now known to them as the Witness Protection Bliss Program.

Stuff we learned in this episode…

J.T. used to make ridiculous sandwiches for Michelle that include everything plus a fried egg – and he makes one for her in this episode. We’ll call it “The J.T. Sandwich.”

Is there a little romance brewing between Benny and Edgar? Or just friendship. That was so sweet when he said he didn’t like to be touched but couldn’t remember why, and she told him to close his eyes and breathe, at which point she held his hand and he was ok with it.

Michelle’s got daddy issues. She didn’t call her dad on his birthday, and in fact, hasn’t spoken to him in two years. Something tells me it’s more than just the fact that he had guys in unmarked cars trail her on dates back when she was in high school. Plus her dad has health issues. Call him, Michelle!

Sean’s fake I.D. of the week: Medical Worker’s Union.

So sweet that Claire and Michelle bonded over Claire’s unwavering love and faith in Tommy.

Michelle’s nickname as a kid was “Little Mick.” After four boys, their parents were sure she was going to be another boy, so they named her Mick. Her dad even wrote it on the birth certificate, but her mom changed the “k” to an “h.” So I’m guessing part of the daddy issues stem from that.

J.T. taking a flying leap off a car and then trying to instruct the guy how to fight. “It’s gotta be fair,” he says.

A Secret Service tip: If you close your eyes and see whatever you’re trying to remember in your peripheral vision, you can remember it.

Michelle calling Sean, and them both saying at the same time, “Tommy Smith is in the Witness Protection Program!” She got it out first, though.

Not too much Rigby in this ep, but he managed to get in one annoyance.

J.T. does a great gruff sheriff’s impression.

If I’m ever in a perilous situation, I’d like Michelle to stand in front of me and say, “Get behind me.” Actually, I’d like to have her teach ME how to fight.

Sean had a mullet in high school and was the captain of his breakdancing squad.

J.T. and Michelle fighting over pie. Just like a brother and sister.

Jonathan Frakes, a.k.a. Number One, a.k.a. Commander William T. Riker on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” directed this episode.

Can we get Christian Kane back in a TV series please? Pretty please, TNT?!!

Your thoughts on this episode? 


  1. Dennis Smith directed the “King & Maxwell~Family Business” episode that Christian Kane guest starred in. via Chris Downey 🙂 Jonathan Frakes directed the upcoming episode! Can’t wait.

  2. Yes PLEASE get #Christian Kane back on tv.. #Kaniacs will love that.. and he did an awesome job as always…on #KingandMaxwell… thanks for sharing!

  3. I absolutely loved this episode (by far the best of season) Christian Kane brought in a fresh, comedic, lovable character that can kick ass. The chemistry was excellent and made me like Maxwell just a little bit more. I agree with you 100% that TNT should bring back Christian Kane on this show or even his own.

  4. I kinda like “King & Maxwell.” The banter between Sean and Michelle can be funny at times. Rigby’s interactions with the pair always brings a smile, and Edgar is just awesome! Adding Christian Kane to this last episode was just icing on the cake! I really hope we see more of him in the future!

  5. Yes! We need Christian Kane back on TV ASAP!! He added a delightful sense of lighthearted humor to the role, and really added a spark to the show this week. Loved the bit with Edgar and Benny. However, the ending with JT and ‘little Mick’ was the best-realy brother/sister time there!

  6. Yay! #ChristianKane Love! Maybe if enough of us cheer for him, they’ll bring him back, either on this show or even better, his own show.

    I love his character on King & Maxwell, so why not give that character a show, and then they can cross over now and then?

  7. Loved Monday’s episode of #King and Maxwell. Christian Kane was excellent in his portrayal of JT Maxwell, Michelle’s big brother. He just added so much to the show! His comedic timing is spot on, and he can say so much with just a look. I’d love to see Christian get his own series, the boy has what it takes to get the job done!

  8. YES Kane back as a regular anywhere – #Leverage returning would be the best! I loved this episode of #KingandMaxwell. Humor, action, background on Michelle and family drama/love! The JT character played by #ChristianKane made it that much sweeter!

  9. I absolutely love this episode. Bringing #ChristianKane back to TV was the best thing that could happen. JT is really amazing character and he fits right in as Michelle’s brother. Hope to see him get a recurring roll and give a boost to the series. His presence only make this (or any other) show fantastic!

  10. Loved this episode of King and Maxwell! Christian Kane fit perfectly in the role of JT Maxwell! He had excellent chemistry w the whole cast and great moments with Rebecca Romijn as her brother. He added spark , a lot of action and great comedy to an excellent show making it terrific. I certainly hope he not only gets a recurring role, but a permanent one.

  11. If only they’d give Christian Kane his own show – that would just be awesome!!! Us Kaniacs would be in our elements. Much like we are currently after Kane’s brief appearance as JT Maxwell in TNT’s new King & Maxwell. Kane helped to answer some questions on his sister’s personal past and will hopefully leave the door open for him to return at a later date for more of the great sibling relationship that we got to see on Monday night. The show is good, not yet in Leverage’s league but with time it could progress nicely and with any luck the reviews for Mondays show will have been enough to get Christian Kane a top slot on this show – or one of his own (preferably please!).

  12. Always love watching Christian Kane! But watching this episode while CK himself was live tweeting was very, very cool! Did you know he hurt himself by biting thru his lower lip? (He shows it to Rebecca in the background of a shot near the end. Her response: rub some dirt on it! Hehe.) Also, they were originally supposed to be throwing a football instead of fly fishing. Fun tidbits. 🙂

    • Oh I didn’t realize he was live-tweeting! I miss the Twitter buzz when I’m recapping a show in real time.

      The fly-fishing thing seemed out of place. I wonder why they switched from football (which would have seemed more “real”).

      I had no idea about the upper lip. These two really do seem like brother and sister.


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