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The Tao of Ellen DeGeneres: Be Kind To One Another

Ellen DeGeneres and Patrick Dempsey
Ellen DeGeneres and Patrick Dempsey

Watching Ellen on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” is like watching an old friend. If you need cheering up, need a good laugh, or just want your laugh for the day, watch this show. You are never disappointed with the jokes, games, actors, musicians, or surprises she has in store. It is fun entertainment at its best.

Ellen DeGeneresJohnny Carson was the first to have Ellen appear on network television, in 1986. She was only 27, and you could tell she was a little nervous (who wouldn’t be?). At the end of her performance, Johnny invited her over to sit on the couch.” It was very special to her, as she would reflect later in her career.

While sitting on “the couch,” Johnny told her that her material was “very clever, and very fresh,” that it was “good material.” And then he said, “Will you come back with us soon? You have an open invitation.” Wow, very very cool. I am sure Ellen thought so, too!

If Johnny was “The King of Late Night TV,” then Ellen is definitely “The Queen of Daytime Comedy,” or all comedy, for that matter. Johnny Carson died in September of 2003, the same month “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” aired for the first time. It is both ironic and unfortunate that Johnny never saw her great success, but I have a strong feeling that he knew she would go on to great things.

Here are some of my favorite things about Ellen and her show:

  • She is oh so funny!
  • She is kind.
  • She is giving, so very giving.
  • She likes to have fun with her guests.
  • She likes to have fun with her audience and staff.
  • She doesn’t judge people.
  • She reserves the “best” seat in the house for her mama.
  • She is always in a good mood.
  • She tells “clean” jokes.
  • She can make celebrities do silly things (example: Dennis Quaid).
  • She doesn’t take herself too seriously.
  • She always bring a smile to my face.

The two things that really make me laugh the most are:

  • Scaring her celebrity guests.
  • Audience dance spotlights (during warm-ups).

Ellen’s positive and loving persona transcends many generations and different types of people. Her signature saying, “Be kind to one another,” will always resonate with me. It’s so simple, but so true. If half of the people in the world followed this simple message, what a better place it would be.

Ellen, thanks for keeping us laughing, and for your kind and generous soul. These are the reasons we love you …

Do you watch “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”? Do you agree with me? Leave your thoughts about Ellen in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! 


2 responses to “The Tao of Ellen DeGeneres: Be Kind To One Another”

  1. Liz Avatar

    Ditto , ditto , ditto !!!
    I LOVE Ellen !! She is LOL funny and I do, so much so my family use to come into the kitchen to see if I was ok …. now they just know when mom is laughing so loud shes screaming she must be watching Ellen. She is so funny, kind and real. Someday I hope to go to see her show live …Although I wouldn’t dance in fear of being one of her dance clips that she makes fun of 🙂 and she would surely make fun of me

  2. Sheryl Avatar

    I don’t really get a chance to watch Ellen much, but when I do, I can’t help but think how endearing she is. I especially love her dancing – so cute!

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