T Bone Burnett

T Bone BurnettT Bone Burnett, legendary music producer and songwriter (and also husband to “Nashville” creator Callie Khouri) will not be coming back for season two, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“His slate of other film, television and recording projects would have made it impossible for him to return for a second season,” said Burnett’s manager in a statement.

Burnett not only guided the show’s musical direction (and what a fine job he did!), he also co-composed the score for each of the show’s 21 episodes.

Sounds like film is more lucrative (and perhaps less demanding) than TV…

Do you think Burnett leaving will be a detriment to the show?


  1. I think it’ll depend on who they get to take over the music… seems like he got it off to a good start, and someone can jump in and take the reins now. But it’ll have to be someone familiar with TV scoring.

    Yeah, I would think it’d be all-consuming to score music for every episode. I can’t even imagine the work involved with that.

  2. The guy who was Burnett’s second-in-command, Buddy Miller, will be taking over his role so hopefully he’ll have the same vision as Burnett did.


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