Call the Midwife Season 2

Monday Giveaway: ‘Call the Midwife’ Season 2 DVD & Companion Book

Call the Midwife Season 2

Call the Midwife” is one of my favorite shows of the past couple years, and this week’s giveaway is a prize pack of goodness for fans of the  critically acclaimed BBC/PBS series, which hits DVD & Blu-ray tomorrow.

Based on the bestselling memoir by Jennifer Worth, “Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times,” and dramatized into a TV series by Heidi Thomas, the TV series follows Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine), a young midwife in the 1950s in London’s working class East End, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.

Call the Midwife Season 2Season two continues the story of the hard-working midwives of Nonnatus House as they serve the crowded tenements and slums of Poplar. As they struggle with the challenges of poverty, domestic abuse and the spectre of tuberculosis, the midwives also face crises of their own. A chance encounter reunites Jenny with Jimmy; Chummy and P.C. Noakes face a dilemma over their imminent future; a tragic birth puts Cynthia in the spotlight, and Trixie enjoys an all-too-tantalizing taste of celebrity lifestyle.

Back at Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne struggles to keep the beleaguered convent on an even keel as dementia-stricken Sister Monica Joan finds comfort in the friendship of new orderly, Jane; Sister Bernadette experiences a spiritual crisis and Sister Evangelina puts her foot down regarding pain relief. The cast also includes Miranda Hart, Jenny Agutter, Pam Ferris and Judy Parfitt.

“Call the Midwife” isn’t just about the midwives, though. It’s a history lesson about an era on the brink of great change, one that’s drastically different from the world we live in now – and yet, it wasn’t that long ago. I think people yearn for a time when people were the focal point, not gadgets and techie stuff. Much as I love my devices, I know I do.

Call the Midwife Companion BookTHE GIVEAWAY:

1) “Call the Midwife: Season Two” on DVD. The 3-disc, 355-minute set from BBC Home Entertainment includes all eight episodes, as well as the 2012 Christmas Special and interviews with the cast and crew.

2) The hardcover book, “The Life and Times of ‘Call the Midwife’: The Official Companion to Seasons One and Two.” This beautifully bound book includes 288 pages of gorgeous photos, a behind-the-scenes look at the era-appropriate set decorations, thoughtful reminiscences of Jennifer Worth (the real-life midwife whose memoirs inspired the series),  and an intimate look at what’s involved in bringing these characters and stories to life on the TV series.


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The Contest ends Sunday, June 30, 2013 at midnight ET. Good luck!


32 responses to “Monday Giveaway: ‘Call the Midwife’ Season 2 DVD & Companion Book”

  1. Wanda D. Avatar
    Wanda D.

    I love Call the Midwife.I discovered it one night on a PBS station and have wtched it ever since.I love seeing the work that the midwives do ad their interactions with all the people in the area.It shows how really uncomplicated things were in that time.Just a wonderful show.

  2. Jennifer Margulis Avatar

    I want the book! Pick me!! Pick me!! Dying to read this. Seen the show once, have the DVD of the first season. Glad that it is helping, a bit, to normalize birth! I also tweeted the contest.

  3. Jane Louise Boursaw Avatar

    Thank you, Jennifer! I will put in a good word with the karma gods that you win. It’s a great prize!

  4. Jessica Homa Greenwood Avatar

    LOL, I won a contest once that I was reluctant to share, but then shared around. Hope you have the same good karma– it made me smile when I read your post(-;

  5. Suzieqk Avatar

    I am a late comer to the Series and have fallen in love with it. The characters are so lovely and compassionate.

  6. Sue Kurovsky ( Sue Kay on twitter) Avatar
    Sue Kurovsky ( Sue Kay on twitter)

    I also tweeted about the contest @Suzieqk

  7. Renee Avatar

    I absolutely loved this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so sad when I arrived at the end of season 1….and thought that was the end. The writing was brilliant and developed the characters in such a way that you could not help but fall in love with them. Fear, humor, love and passion just some of the emotions this cast deliver brilliantly in doing what they were all called to do… people. My favorite was the under dog in series 1….Chummy…quirky, awkward and even nerdy….but I loved her the most. Please keep up the great work BBC and PBS!!!

  8. Margarett Scott Avatar

    Pick me!! Everyone keeps telling me about the show but I don’t get much time to watch too much TV. the disc sets would be perfect to take to long births!

  9. Anastasia Avatar

    I LOVE this show!! Great story, wonderful acting and well done characters. And it just LOOKS so lovely 🙂

  10. Anastasia Avatar

    Email subscriber 🙂 –

  11. Anastasia Avatar

    Pinned to Pinterest 🙂 –

  12. CALL THE MIDWIFE IS MY LIFE (aka Kate...) Avatar

    Pick me to win the book and dvd because this is my current obsession! I only have series one and I have watched it over and over and I need to watch series two! Plus I really want to read the book. I have read every radiotimes advert and I neeedd this :3
    Anyway thanks 🙂

  13. CALL THE MIDWIFE IS MY LIFE (aka Kate...) Avatar

    email subscriber 🙂

  14. CALL THE MIDWIFE IS MY LIFE (aka Kate...) Avatar

    tweeted it too 🙂

  15. CALL THE MIDWIFE IS MY LIFE (aka Kate...) Avatar

    Posted it on Reddit 🙂

  16. CALL THE MIDWIFE IS MY LIFE (aka Kate...) Avatar

    Added it to StumbleUpon 🙂

  17. Rachel Avatar

    Love the show. As an aspiring midwife, it’s amazing to see the history of home birth in the 50s .

  18. Heidi J. Avatar
    Heidi J.

    I love this series, I really enjoy seeing historically acurate shows and seeing waht life was like then. I would love to win this.

  19. Christine Avatar

    I can’t lie, it was my love of Call the Midwife that brought me to this site originally anyway! (Thanks, google!) I am a die hard fan of the series, from the original memoir to the episodes of season one and two and would really love to have the DVD/Companion book. It’s such a rich time period and I’m loving how enlightening it is about the experience of life as a midwife while balancing it wonderfully with the personal lives of the ladies in question, especially Jenny whose clothes I openly admit I want to own. Love it!

  20. Christine Avatar

    …and I am an e-mail subscriber as well. <3 <3

  21. Daniel M Avatar
    Daniel M

    never heard of it actually but looks like one for me mom!

  22. Arleen Avatar

    Having had two babies at home with a midwife, I love that other parents are getting to see the choices that exist, that they may not have considered. My favorite attribute of the series is its authenticity, revealing the joy created in making the otherwise mundane, sacred.

  23. Joanne Avatar

    E-mail subscriber!

  24. Joanne Avatar

    I almost forgot my entry for “Why I Love Call the Midwife”: My daughter kept telling me about this show and I soon began to watch it with her, now it has become our weekly event. I love how it portrays the women and it does always make me smile even on the saddest episodes.

  25. Ralph Avatar

    Tweeted it (because my daughter loves the show!)

  26. Ralph Avatar

    And also an e-mail subscriber.

  27. Margot C Avatar
    Margot C

    I love this show. i discovered it on the PBs video website and have watched every installment

  28. Angie Avatar

    Came accross the episode where they delivered a baby w/ spina bifida. Didn’t get to catch much of it and want to see it! My daughter was born w/ it, too and we both love the show! Just watched all of season 1.

  29. Buddy Garrett Avatar
    Buddy Garrett

    I love Call The Midwife because the stories are interesting. I watched it the first time with my wife.

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