Robert Rodriguez Blackberry Ad

May’s Top 10 Viral Videos Include Man of Steel, Xbox, & Robert Rodriguez (VIDEO)

We’re semi-hooked in with an advertising group called ebuzzing. I say semi-hooked, because we rarely ever run their ads for a measly 10 cents/view. Not worth the web site real estate.

But I noticed on their blog this morning a piece about the top ten viral videos in May. These are the most viewed, liked and shared videos, and it’s a diverse group of brands that includes Sony, Blackberry, Time Warner and Samsung.

Take a look at the videos below this cool poster for the #10 slot, “Two Scoop Blackberry 10 & Robert Rodriguez.”

Robert Rodriguez Blackberry Ad

1. Samsung – Evolutionary Husband?

2. Time Warner – Man of Steel – Fate of Your Planet

3. Sony Pictures – White House Down

4. Sony – PlayStation 4: See it First at E3

5. Old Spice – Old Spice | Baby

6. Xbox – Xbox One Unveil Video

7. Time Warner – Gravity

8. Time Warner – Pacific Rim

9. Time Warner – We’re the Millers

10. Blackberry – Two Scoops BlackBerry 10 & Robert Rodriguez


One response to “May’s Top 10 Viral Videos Include Man of Steel, Xbox, & Robert Rodriguez (VIDEO)”

  1. Pat Avatar

    That’s a bunch of cool videos alright. Pacific Rim and Gravity both have great looking effects in the trailers. Wonder if the movies will really live up to that? Might be worth watching.

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