World War Z: Brad Pitt at the Madrid Premiere

Told ya Brad Pitt was globe-hopping to promote “World War Z” (which I saw last night and loved – stay tuned for review).

Two days ago he was in Moscow. Yesterday he was in Madrid. Here’s the picture to prove it. I especially love the female fan in the lower left of the photo. That’s how I’d be.

I dunno, though. He’s been holding up pretty well, but might be starting to look a teensy bit worn out.

World War Z: Brad Pitt at the Madrid Premiere

MADRID, SPAIN – JUNE 21: Brad Pitt attends the ‘World War Z’ Madrid Fan Screening at Cine Capitol on June 21, 2013 in Madrid. (Photo by Juan Naharro/Getty Images)



  1. He does look like he could use a mini vacation. People think this globetrotting is glamorous but it’s also exhausting (especially with all he’s been going through at home). Poor guy! I’d be like that girl on the left too 🙂


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