Joshua Seftel: My Mom on Movies

A New Kind of Critic: Filmmaker Joshua Seftel’s Mom Talks Movies

Joshua Seftel: My Mom on Movies

Like all good sons, filmmaker Joshua Seftel, whom I first met and interviewed when he was promoting his 2008 film “War, Inc.,” regularly calls his mom. Recently, they started chatting via web-cam, and he quickly realized there was something more to these conversations. Lately, he’s been filming them so others can witness the unique experience.  He calls it “My Mom on Movies.”

At this writing, Seftel has interviewed his Mom in twelve videos covering the latest pop culture events. Things like the S&M in “50 Shades of Grey” (his Mom prefers a “nice hug”) and Lena Dunham’s tattoos (his Mom is concerned about her Jewish burial prospects), among other topics.

And then there’s the episode where his mom mentioned Denzel Washington’s fading looks, causing her to issue an apology to Denzel in a separate video.

Beyond offering a refreshing perspective on current events, the videos show a connection between two very different worlds:  Seftel at his Manhattan-based production company, and his mom at her Sarasota, Florida-based condominium.

Filmmaker Joshua Seftel
Filmmaker Joshua Seftel

“I believe that it is that odd, but endearing, connection that has caused the series to resonate with friends and fans,” said Seftel.

And it’s really fun, to boot.

Check out “My Mom on Movies” on YouTube and Tumblr, and like the series on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on all of the latest videos.

And check out more from award-winning filmmaker Joshua Seftel, including his features (the aforementioned “War, Inc.” with John Cusack, Ben Kingsley and Marisa Tomei); Indie docs (“Taking on the Kennedys”), and TV and Radio (“Queer Eye,” “This American Life”).


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