The Mindy Project: Triathlon

The Mindy Project: Triathlon

I must start by admitting that I hadn’t watched “The Mindy Project” until three days ago.  I have seen clips of the show and Mindy Kaling interviewed, but never took the time to tune in to the show… well, big mistake. I haven’t laughed so much during a sitcom since I don’t know when. So many hilarious lines, and all at rapid fire pace. I loved it!

In this episode, titled “Triathlon,” Danny’s ex-wife, Christina, comes back to ask him about a letter he wrote to her. The problem is, he never sent it … but someone in his office did.  Danny asked Mindy if she did, and she said (here we go with the amusing dialog), “I didn’t send the letter, but it’s definitely something I would have done if I had known it existed.” Morgan then admits he sent it, “because Danny and Christine belong together.” Danny is furious and fires him.

Next we see Mindy in a park with Casey (her boyfriend) training for the annual triathlon.  They talk about marriage, and he asks her if she would consider converting to Christianity (uh oh).  She tells him she has to think about it … wouldn’t you? I personally would not convert to another religion for someone … why should one? Just love each other and be accepting of your partner’s beliefs, right? Oh, did I tell you I am a shrink too? Kidding.

Now back to Christina. She has been sending Danny letters (that he keeps throwing away without reading) for two weeks. He doesn’t want anything to do with them. All he cares about is training and winning the triathlon. He doesn’t want to lose to the “midwives” again. I get that … doctors vs. midwives. Can you see how competitive he is about this? I know people exactly like him … I’m sure you do, too, right?

Elevator doors open, and who is standing there? Morgan, with the competition. Mindy says, “What the hell?” Morgan tells Danny and Mindy that he works for them now. Danny to Morgan, “You are dead to us.” Morgan says he’s sorry, but Mindy says, “What? I can’t hear you over the sound of your own betrayal.” Funny! The cast has perfect timing and delivery of their lines in this show. Really fun.

Meanwhile, Mindy asks everyone what they think about her converting for Casey. The older lady’s reply was my favorite: “I’ve changed my tune for any number of guys. I’ve been Jewish, Super Jewish, Buddhist, People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate…” at this point, Mindy just turns and leaves. Funny scene.

I thought the next scene was funny, too (actually, all of the scenes are funny), when Christina follows Mindy to the pizza truck and asks her to give a letter to Danny. Mindy, talking to the pizza maker: “Hey, you’re not using enough cheese on that pizza, sir. I’m watching you.”

Then when Christina is pressuring her to take the letter, the construction guys come over and ask Christina if Mindy is bothering her. Mindy, shocked, “What? Am I bothering her? Oh, because she’s so pretty and bird-like, and I’m a monster ordering four slices of pizza. Get out of here. Go build that building.”

It’s the way she delivers the lines that make it even better. Those of you who watch the show know exactly what I’m talking about.

Okay, the Bible study at Mindy’s place (so she can observe Christianity). Many assorted (some scary looking) people come, and Mindy expresses to Betsy, “I’m terrified for my life, it’s like signs of anarchy here.” I love it! Too many lines to quote.

I must add, though, after the Bible study is over, Betsy gives Mindy a cross necklace, and Mindy says to her, “Oh my God, I cannot believe I thought about converting to Christianity without thinking about the whole jewelry angle. This is amazing.”

At that moment, Danny calls asking why she isn’t at the triathlon. It’s almost her time to run. She tells him she’s at Bible study and just received a really cool cross necklace and  “It’s going to accentuate my rack.” Oh my gosh … this show is too funny.

On her way to the triathlon (will she ever make it?), Mindy stops by the church to see Casey, who is teaching a kids Bible class. She tells him there is no way she is converting.  The kids hear them, and want to know why. She says that “there are parts of the old testament that are sexy and violent,” but she just can’t do it.

I love when a girl asks her what religion she is, and Mindy says she is Hindu. She tells them it’s cool;  it has elephants, kick-ass costumes, outfits, and magic. The kid in an excited voice, “I wanna be Hindu!” All the other kids agree. Mindy leaves telling Casey it wasn’t cool for him to ask her to convert (see, what did I tell you?).

Okay, now back to the triathlon. Danny has something wrong with his leg, and Brennan (not Temperance, that’s a whole other story) goes to help rub it out. They look like they are having sex (really), and Mindy arrives. She runs all the way there, beating her time of a 12-minute mile.

Danny, excited, says she’s going to kick Morgan’s ass … but she throws up. “I overexerted myself. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m gonna be able to do this. Success puke.”

She pukes again, and can’t do it. Danny takes her shoes, and runs for her. Near the finish line, Danny falls. Morgan sees him, picks him up and they both cross the finish line together. Brennan freaks out. He wanted the midwives to win and starts to destroy everything! Pretty funny.

Casey shows up and tells Mindy it wasn’t fair of him to ask her to convert. He just wanted to see if she took religion seriously. He loves her and they kiss, even though she might taste like puke. I’m not sure if that is sweet or gross – LOL.

Danny and Morgan sit on a bench and apologize to each other. Danny says that he should have mailed the letter years ago. He tries to hire Morgan back, but Morgan says no.

Last scene, Danny calls Christina (who is getting into a cab) and asks her if she will meet for coffee. She says she will. They both look happy.

There were so many more funny quotes that I could have added, but this post would have ended up being three pages long! Those of you who watch the show, I am now with you. It is great fun, and has lots of humor.

Now that all of the season finales are upon us, this will be most certainly one of the shows I will catch up on during the summer, and I can’t wait!

What did you think of this episode? How many of you watch “The Mindy Project”? What do you like most about it? Leave comments below!


  1. Chris Messina cracks me up! Is that guy like 5’4″?! When Morgan picks him up and carries him over the finish line I was roaring with laughter!


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