The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

I’ve now watched my second episode (the shame of it being only my second) of “The Mindy Project,” and like I said in my last recap, I just love this show! There are so many hilarious one-liners and little stories that you really have to pay attention or you will miss something.

And what’s really impressive to me is that Mindy Kaling created, co-produces, writes, and stars in the show – and she’s only 33. I can’t imagine the time and dedication it takes to do it week after week.  Hats off to her!

This episode begins with Mindy and Casey in the shower together. Of course, gotta start right off with some funny lines. “Why are your teeth chattering?” she asks. “You’re in the hot water, and I’m over here in the frozen tundra,” Casey replies. Showering together ends up being a disaster, including the two falling through the shower curtain out onto the floor. I can see that happening, can’t you?

At the office, Danny asks Tamra to do something for him, and she replies, “Uh huh, no problem, girl.” He hates her calling him girl and tells her, “I’m sorry, you just remind me so much of my cousin Sheena.” I just love her (some reviewers don’t think she’s funny, but I do!). This is a comedy, right?

Mindy is mentoring Katie, a student from Columbia. Beverly (dear old Bev) asks Mindy, “Is she your daughter?” Mindy tells her sarcastically that yes, she’s been hiding a 21-year-old from everyone this whole time! Beverly: “I don’t know your deal.” Oh Bev, you are a treasure!

The bad news. Casey tells Mindy he’s going to Haiti for a year on a mission trip. Of course, Mindy is shocked and angry (as I would be). Casey tells her a year isn’t that long, and Mindy retorts, “Yeah, if I were 20 or a tortoise.” She doesn’t want him to leave, which is understandable … although this has been his goal for a while. Oh boy, I don’t think that would work for me. What did you think when he told her?

In the meantime, Danny and Jeremy want to win Morgan back from the midwives, so they try to come up with a plan. They meet Morgan – who happens to be with his new employers – for lunch. Danny offers Morgan more money, but Morgan doesn’t accept. They later tempt him with a puppy, knowing he loves dogs. That doesn’t work either.

Morgan finally tells them he feels like a “brother” in the midwives’ office. In Danny’s office, it doesn’t feel like a family (awww…), and that’s important to him. I get that. I have worked in offices that are business only. You don’t feel important or like a person.

Later, Mindy and Katie go to a frat party. Mindy is very mad at Casey and just wants to have fun. At the party, there’s a pole for pole dancing AND her ex-boyfriend. You couldn’t ask for more, could you? Yikes. Katie gets onto the pole and goes at it (I thought she was pretty good), and the crowd cheers. Mindy is horrified and makes her stop. Boo, boo, boo … Funny thing, as Mindy tries to remove the pole, she swings and spins on it, looking like a pole dancer herself. Now the crowd likes her – image that?!

Later, Danny, Jeremy, Morgan, and Casey end up at the party (they have to pay to get in – ha), and all hell breaks loose, starting with a confrontation between Mindy’s ex, Tom, and Casey. Everyone ends up fighting. You had to see the fight scene to appreciate it, right? It’s a real frat party now!

After the fight is over, Mindy and Katie drag Casey out to the street. Casey has a lovely sharpie mustache drawn on his upper lip (nice touch). Mindy apologizes to Katie for ruining the party, but Katie says, “Don’t worry, it’s only 9:30.” “What? It feels like it’s 5 in the morning,” blurts Mindy. I know how she feels.

At the end, everything works out. Morgan comes back to the office because Danny calls him his “brotha” during the fight, and Casey explains to Mindy that he wanted to do the mission before he settled down and married her. Oh, how sweet.

So, of course, all is good on “The Mindy Project,” and I can’t wait to do some catching up this summer. Some reviewers think the show needs more substance, but it IS a sitcom … it’s suppose to be funny! If I need a serious story, I’ll watch “CSI,” “The Good Wife,” or “Nashville.”

Who loves “The Mindy Project?” Is it one of your favorite sitcoms? Who is your favorite character? Please give your opinions of the show in the comments below. We love to hear them!


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