Shania Twain in Las Vegas

Shania Twain in Las Vegas

My husband and I were in Las Vegas this past weekend, and of course I knew (wink) that he would want to see Shania Twain in concert at The Colosseum. Actually, he is a trooper, and enjoys concerts, so he didn’t complain about going.

Upon our arrival at The Colosseum, I could feel the excitement of the audience anticipating the show. People were talking about her career, some had Shania t-shirts on, and two sisters had on black outfits and top hats to mimic what Shania wore in her video “Man, I Feel Like A Woman!” It was fun to see.

There are too many highlights from the show to talk about, so I’ll just give you my favorite bits. For those of you who have seen it, you know what I mean.

Shania TwainThe show starts … the curtain goes up and we hear a motorcycle revving its engine. Here comes Shania sitting on a tricked out motorcycle , but the kicker is, she’s about 20 feet in the air on cables. Las Vegas extravagance at it’s best!

Ater getting to the ground, she starts her 18-song set with “I’m Gonna Getcha Good,” followed by “You Win My Love,” singing in a skin tight sequined bodysuit. She looked great (ask my husband) and I was impressed with her voice.

I wondered what she would sound like after not performing for almost a decade, and not surprisingly, she sounded great! She had a fabulous band which included ten musicians, four fiddle/violin players, a cellist, and three back-up singers, one being her younger sister Carrie Ann Brown. She also had four very good looking dancers, and two horses, one black and one white. Both were gorgeous creatures, and exciting additions to the show.

While preforming some of her more country hits, the stage became an old western town … saloon included. I like some country music, but I admit, I like all of Shania’s songs. They’re upbeat and downright fun. The choreography was energetic, and the costumes excellent. I think she had some sequins in every costume she wore – which was okay by me, and perfect for a Vegas show!

I really loved that in between several songs, she stopped and talked to the audience.  She has noted in interviews that she loves mixing with her fans. This she proved when she came into the audience not once, but twice to shake hands (including MINE), high-fiving (yep, my husband), and giving people hugs … a lot of them! I was very impressed. She definitely cares about her fans and takes the time to make them feel important. Very cool.

One of my favorite parts of the show was when she and two of her singers (twin brothers) sang a short a cappella version of the song “Carrie Anne,” dedicated to her sister. She lamented that she and Carrie used to sing together when they were very young and their mother (who was killed in a car accident at the age of 42) didn’t live long enough to see her success. How proud she would be.

Another memorable part of the show was when Shania brought several audience members up to sit around a faux campfire for a sing-along. She even includes them by letting them sing into the mic during the songs. Again, fun stuff.

I can’t not tell you about the gigantic 34′ by 109′ LED screen which played some of the best videos throughout her career, including “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Man, I Feel Like A Woman,” “From This Moment On,” and more. Wow! Very visually pleasing.

My personal favorite, though, was toward the end of the show, when Shania, wearing a stunning white gown road onto the stage on the back of a beautiful white horse, singing my favorite song, “You’re Still The One.” It almost made me cry, it was so beautiful. The horse actually bowed with her on it, and when she dismounted (still singing), he followed her every move on the stage. It absolutely gave me goose bumps, and that song … it’s simply the best.

Shania Twain and White Horse in Las Vegas

Following “You’re Still The One” was the beautiful “From This Moment On,” and then came the show-stopping finale. There was a set and costume change, and then out came the band a-rockin! A huge SHANIA in lights descended from the ceiling onto the stage, and she came out in her black glitter outfit, tall black boots and  a top hat for “Man, I Feel Like A Woman!’

The place rocked, and glitter came down from the rafters. It was a fantastic ending to a very memorable show. The entire audience was on their feet singing and dancing to the music. A truly happy crowd.

Shania Twain is not just an exciting entertainer, singer and songwriter, she is a beautiful person, both inside and out. I only hope if you go to Las Vegas anytime soon, you put her show on the top of your list. It is truly worth it.

Click here for more info and to buy tickets.

Have any of you seen Shania Twain’s Las Vegas show? What did you think? Do any of you plan on seeing it?

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  1. I’m Shania’s fan for 14 years now. I just truly love her. I do have to say that I’m her #1 fan (sorry the others ;D).
    Shania means the world to me. Her lyrics, her voice, her melodies, the human being she is, so strong, it just makes me drop a tear from my eye every time.
    I’m from Portugal so, no, I haven’t had the opportunity to go to her show in Vegas or anywhere else (yet!). But that’s my dream, actually. I’m 18 and this has been my dream since I can remember.
    It’s hard to choose one song when you’re talking about the one and only Shania Twain, but I have to agree with the author (an amazing one btw) when she says that “You’re Still The One” is a special one.
    So yeah, reading this gave me the crazy thought of grabbing some clothes, pack them and fly to Nevada. Maybe it isn’t that crazy… I mean it’s my dream we’re talking about, it’s the woman I admire the most we’re talking about. Gotta do it as soon as possible! Love you Shania <3

    • Thanks for your comment. You obviously are a huge fan! I really hope that you are able to see the show. That would make me happy. What a great trip it would be for you!

      It was a great show, and I’m glad you liked my review.


  2. It was summer 1995 I was still 5 about to turn 6 in August when CMT was on the tv and I heard this sound, and saw this video and woman! It was Shania and the video was “If you’re not in it for love” (I’m outta here) whoa, I feel in love with her, and that song and that sound!! I will be 24 in August and have been a fan 18 years!!! She was the first casette my parents bought me and the first cd “Come on over” and my first concert in July 2004!!! She is still the one from this moment on forever and always!!! I bought a ticket in June 2011 but am scared to fly but was gonna take amtrak but it fell through but before 2014 I am gonna take a plane or train to see the twain!!! Ha!! & btw I am her number 1 dedicated fan!!!!

  3. I attended the Shania show on Dec. 11 on a ticket my daughter gave me for Christmas, 2011. I agree with everything you said. It was a marveolus show by a great performer and beautiful person. Even though I am 72, I was so thrilled to finally see my idol live. The show impressed me so much that I went to the box office the next morning and bought a ticket for the Dec. 12 show and was, once again, totally blown away!!! She is sooooo great!!!!


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