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Rookie Blue Recap: Surprises – Season 4, Episode 1

Rookie Blue

I’m so excited that the new season of “Rookie Blue” has started! It feels like ages since last season’s finale aired, and my goodness, in that last episode, it felt like the gang was being split apart, with Andy and Sam’s break-up, Andy and Nick both taking undercover positions, and Chris thinking about transferring to the Timmins PD so he can be with his son.

Six months have passed since the end of the last season. In the season four premiere, we see Andy and Nick acting like a couple, having some poolside fun at a lakeside house, and then Nick tells Andy he’s got to get to work. He joins some other guys who pull in a boat from the lake; they take a white cooler into the house, and we just know, don’t we, that something’s up?

And right we are – gunmen burst into the place, rifle through the cooler, and take out a couple of black bags. Nick tries to stop them, and gets pistol whipped for his efforts. The main gunman has words of warning for Andy and Nick and the other guys they’re with – when it comes to meth, stay out of their territory.

Such a great start! In the next scene, Andy and Nick are heading back to the apartment, and as they climb the stairs, they meet the gunman who hit Nick. Turns out he’s a cop, and Andy and Nick are part of his undercover team.

The next day, the bad guys Andy and Nick have been hanging out with show up, take Nick’s cell phone, and hustle him out of there. There’s a new shipment happening, and Nick is needed. Andy calls their boss about this latest development, and he tells her to go and find out what’s up. He needs to know when the truck with the shipment leaves.

Andy goes back to the bad guys’ house and while she’s snooping around, gets caught by one of the guys who knocks her out. She wakes up to find herself bound and gagged in the back of a truck.

Rookie Blue

Meanwhile, back in the city, Dov and Oliver are running a speed trap and catch a guy who tries to bribe them out of charging him with reckless driving. Of course, Dov and Oliver take the guy in, after having a bit of fun with him. The guy turns out to be Simon Dent, a caterer, and he’s really anxious to get processed and released. And then Andy and Nick’s undercover boss shows up. Dent’s catering company is involved in the distribution of the meth operation, along with some other businesses and a particular warehouse they’ve been keeping an eye on. The drug squad guy admits that Andy and Nick are part of the undercover operation. He wants them to release Dent and lay off.

Sam, of course, isn’t about to do that, now that he knows Andy and Nick are involved. He has Dov and Oliver check out the caterer’s place, and he, Traci  and Marlo Cruz, the officer replacing Noelle, check out the other places the drug squad guy mentioned, to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. Sam and Traci figure out the meth’s being transported in gas tanks.

Back at the station, the drug squad guy’s pissed because they were meddling in the operation, but then he admits that Andy and Nick are missing. Frank takes charge at this point – two of his officers are missing and none of them are going to stand by while the drug squad twiddles their thumbs and waits for warrants. They’re off to check out the warehouse.

Andy, in the meantime, is reunited with Nick, but it’s not looking good. The head bad guy is suspicious – he thinks one of them is a leak – and in a really tense scene, orders Nick to shoot Andy to show his loyalty. After a lot of pleading, Nick’s told he doesn’t have a choice. Either Andy dies, or both of them do. Nick points the gun to Andy’s head and pulls the trigger. There’s a click – the gun’s empty! It’s all good, though, because now Nick’s shown his loyalty. But the bad guys say Andy still has to die. Nick grabs the gun off one of the bad guys, Andy takes down the other one, and they escape.

Andy is, of course, quite pissed off at Nick. He pointed a gun at her and pulled the trigger! Nick explains that he knew the gun wasn’t loaded – he couldn’t feel the little nub thing on the side of the gun that shows it’s loaded.

Meanwhile, the warehouse turns out to be a dead end. Undeterred, Sam takes Dov with him back to the caterer’s, where they find out the gas tank scheme is a fake scheme designed to distract the drug squad. Sam figures out the meth’s still on the truck.

Andy manages to call Sam. Neither Andy nor Nick knows where they are, but Andy remembers a logo she saw on the side of the truck – BTI. She tells Sam, but then they have to get off the phone and run; they hide out in the back of another truck. Sam and the others rush to BTI Trucking, the bad guys are caught, and Nick and Andy are safe. The meth turns out to be stored inside the structure of the truck itself.

But that’s not the end yet, of course. The best bits are to come! Chris finds out he got the transfer to the Timmins PD that he applied for – but does he really want it? All through the episode he’s been holding onto the envelope with the letter, unwilling to open it. And when Gail tricks him and tells him he didn’t get the transfer, he’s so happy, until Dov reads the letter and tells him, of course he got the transfer.

And the Gail-Nick and Andy-Sam relationships? Gail punches Nick, but then hugs him – she’s definitely glad to have him back. But poor Andy. She sees Sam kissing Marlo, Noelle’s replacement; obviously Sam’s moved on.

For me, the best part of “Rookie Blue” has always been the characters themselves, and all their various storylines. The main story in each episode is fun, of course, but it’s the way all the side storylines move forward in each episode that have me totally addicted to the show.

And the best storyline, hands down? The Andy and Sam story, of course! I hate to say this, but they are such fun to watch when they’re apart and you just know they should be together. So season four is definitely shaping up to be a very interesting one!

Are you a fan of “Rookie Blue”? What did you think about the season four premiere? Leave comments below!


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