Living on the Cheap

Living On the CheapI’m super excited about this. You know how sometimes you just curl up in your little corner of the web and go about your business without meeting new people for weeks on end?

Well that all changes today, when Reel Life With Jane begins what I know will be a fun partnership with Living on the Cheap, an online magazine designed to help all of us live well on less.

Oh, these aren’t “new” people per se. I know their fearless leader Teresa Mears and many of the other LOTC-ers from my participation on the Freelance Success forums over the past decade, so it’s more like seeing old friends again.

Living on the Cheap is produced by more than 20 veteran consumer journalists and frugalistas who produce smart, original, well-researched articles filled with actionable advice. They also share the latest deals and freebies from national retailers and restaurants.

As part of our partnership, Living on the Cheap is going to provide Reel Life With Jane readers — that would be you — a monthly article about saving money on entertainment, from movies to DVDs to home electronics. You can find their latest money-saving entertainment news in their feed in our sidebar, but also check it out here.

In return, we’ll provide them with a monthly article on cheap ways to have fun, from the latest movies and TV shows streaming online to the best deals on DVDs and blu-rays. Now let’s save money and have fun at the same time!



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