Longmire: Unquiet Mind

Longmire Recap: Unquiet Mind (Season 2 Premiere)

Longmire: Unquiet Mind

Yee-haw! “Longmire” is back!

We had to wait almost a year for the new season to begin, but it was well worth the wait! In the season two premiere, “Unquiet Mind,” we find Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and ever faithful deputy Vic (Katie Sackhoff) transporting an unnamed prisoner over to federal agents. Walt is able to surmise that said prisoner is notorious serial killer (aren’t all serial killers notorious?) Wayne Durell. Hoping to get a stay of execution, Durrell confesses the location of one of his victims — in Absaroka County, where Longmire is sheriff.

When the remains are uncovered, Longmire knows exactly who it is, a kid named Theo Half Moon — a missing persons case that haunts him still.

Longmire: Unquiet Mind

After Durrell escapes, killing most of the federal agents and dragging along the other prisoners and a hostage in the transfer, he takes to the mountains, which on a nice day would be somewhat difficult to traverse, but now there’s a blizzard brewing and visibility is close to zero.

The prisoners commandeer a Sno-Cat and head up the mountain with a hostage, so Walt does what he can — follows them on foot in the midst of a snowstorm. Trudging up the mountain in sub-zero temperatures, Walt tries to keep his wits about him, but he starts hallucinating about the people who mean the most to him. Walt’s a thinker, not much of a talker, so his mind goes into overdrive as he tracks the fugitives.

Back at the station, the Special Agent in Charge of the transfer gone awry takes over the station and sets up a temporary outpost there to find the prisoners. Vic and he immediately butt heads over how to proceed.

Longmire: Unquiet MindShots are fired, and Walt tracks them to a cabin in the woods. There he finds a dead convict and Omar, Absaroka County’s resident guns and ammo expert (and outrageous flirt). Omar is true and there in the flesh, not one of his hallucinations. He outfits Walt in warmer clothes and snow shoes, and arms him with a small arsenal of guns to even up the odds.

Hot on the heels of the escapees, Walt loses his footing when he is shot at and tumbles down part of the mountain and into an icy cold river. With the threat of hypothermia very real, Walt hallucinates even more as he seeks shelter by stumbling into an abandoned shack.

I’ll stop my recap there, as I don’t want to spoil the episode for you. I’m rather excited to see where they go with the character development this season. What kind of silly trouble will Ferg find himself in? Will Lizzie Ambrose, Walt’s love interest from season one, return? Katherine LaNasa, who played Lizzie, is now free from her commitment to “Deception,” as NBC recently cancelled the show. Will Branch have a successful bid running for Sheriff of Absaroka County and take Walt’s job away from  him? Will Vic get a love interest this year? Maybe it’ll be the Special Agent in Charge seen in this episode (“Rookie Blue‘s” Noam Jenkins).

I’ve read many of the “Longmire” books, and I love how the show embodies the essence of the west depicted in Craig Johnson’s novels. Robert Taylor is Sheriff Walt Longmire, despite the fact that Taylor is Australian and normally sounds more like Crocodile Dundee than a cowboy roaming the plains of Wyoming.

This episode loosely follows the plot from Johnson’s seventh book in the “Longmire” series, “Hell is Empty.” The book itself is obviously way more intricate and dynamic and could no way be truncated into a one-hour episode. One of the book’s integral characters, Virgil, is decidedly missing from the premiere, but it’s just as well, as his backstory and involvement with Longmire would have taken several episodes to flesh out.

Craig Johnson wrote a short article about the ins-and-outs of “Longmire” season two, along with his behind-the-scenes take; it’s currently available as a free download for iTunes and Kindle, and includes preview chapters of “Hell is Empty” and his new book “A Serpent’s Tooth.”

Are you excited for season two of “Longmire”? Who’s your favorite character? Leave comments below. 






13 responses to “Longmire Recap: Unquiet Mind (Season 2 Premiere)”

  1. Karen Rhodenizer Avatar
    Karen Rhodenizer

    Love, love, love Longmire. Have read all the books and am SO excited that it’s back on TV!

    1. K.L. Connie Wang Avatar
      K.L. Connie Wang

      Me too, Karen!

  2. Susan Avatar

    Don’t stop the recap!! I missed the ending. And need to know!

    1. K.L. Connie Wang Avatar
      K.L. Connie Wang

      I’m sure they’ll repeat the episode, Susan. If you still need to know – post again and I’ll reply to you directly.

  3. Rhino Avatar

    Good thoughtful review. I googled for a review of the season 2 premiere and found it here, and was pleasantly suprised that you hit the high points of the plot and didn’t give away the endng. This season looks like it could be a wild ride. I bought all the books and read them over the course of a weekend several months ago, and like how Longmire stands up for what he knows is right.

    Robert Taylor does a solid portrayal that’s thoughtful and believeable. Katie Sackhoff hits her character dead on. Lou Diamond Phillips is always the consumate professional as an actor, and this is no exception. Henry Standing Bear comes to life as the owner of the Red Pony in Mr. Phillips portrayal.

    Longmire is THE sheriff in town.

  4. K.L. Connie Wang Avatar
    K.L. Connie Wang

    Thank you so much, Rhino – glad you liked the review. The books are great and I can’t wait for the next one!

  5. Dave Avatar

    I hope Lizzie returns as a regular. Vic is way to uptight.
    I want to know if Lizzie’s present she left with Vic ever got to Walt. )r did Ferg spill the beans and tell Walt that Lizzie came in and left a present.

    1. K.L. Connie Wang Avatar
      K.L. Connie Wang

      Dave – hope you watched Episode 3 this week – you’ll see what happened to Lizzie’s present!

  6. Dave Avatar

    I don’t have a website

      1. Dave Avatar

        Yes, I did see episode 3 and saw that Walt discovered the present in Vic’s desk drawer. Ferg interrupted Walt just as he asked when it was delivered. Also at the end, Henry mentioned that Lizzie had been waiting for Walt and seemed to think they had a relationship. Also Walt told the Mail-order-bride owner that “he was seeing someone.”

        I see that Katherine La Nassa (Lizzie) has parts in two major films this year, so she might be difficult to schedule in future episodes. I hope she appears regularly, as she adds a bubbly presence that the shows needs.

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  8. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    After you watch it, go check out Connie’s recap of “Death Came In Like Thunder”:


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