Gravity starring Clooney, Bullock

‘Gravity’ Trailer Features Clooney and Bullock Lost in Space

Gravity starring Clooney, Bullock

It’s hard to imagine a more helpless situation than being stranded, floating alone, in the emptiness of space. Just the thought gives me the shivers.

That’s the setting for “Children of Men” director Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, “Gravity.” The story revolves around a medical engineer (Sandra Bullock) on her first trip to space and a veteran astronaut (George Clooney), who are left tethered only to each other after an accident throws them into the void.

They’ve kept us waiting for this movie, but after being delayed for a year, it’s scheduled to hit theaters Oct. 4, 2013. Looking forward to seeing the interesting pairing of Clooney and Bullock together in space.

Check out the trailer and leave thoughts below.



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  1. Sheryl Avatar

    Sounds interesting…anything with George Clooney and I’m in!

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