Castle Season 5 Finale

Castle Recap: Watershed – Season 5 Finale

Castle Season 5 Finale

Okay, coming into the season five finale of “Castle,” I was worried that it was going to end in the same way that “Bones” ended its season, with heartbreak, disbelief and sheer frustration. Well, it did to some degree, but not in the same way, right? I’m sure a lot of the same viewers watch both shows.

This episode was about a woman — a Harvard honors student — whose body was discovered floating in a water tank. Of course there were a lot of twists and turns leading up to the arrest of the suspect, but this was not what we, the fans, were most interested in. Frankly, for a season finale, I thought it felt like just another case. There wasn’t a huge crescendo, like a season finale should have.

The main stories in this episode pointed to the future of the characters. Alexis plans a trip to Costa Rica with her class (Castle is worried about her), Ryan and his wife are going to have a baby (still a secret), and, of course, taking center stage is Castle and Beckett’s relationship. Beckett goes to D.C. to interview for a job with the Federal Task Force, which she is very excited about. It’s a huge opportunity, everything she has ever wanted for her career. But we all knew what was coming. She has to choose between the job (she wants it) and Castle.

I was left a little unfulfilled with the substance of the episode … especially for a season finale. It should have had more tension and emotion. What did you, the viewers, think?

Personally, I wish they would have spent more time exploring Beckett and Castle’s relationship. What does Beckett want? What does Castle want? We want more from them at this point, don’t we?Castle Season 5 Finale  One mistake that Kate made was not being honest with Castle. She should have told him about the interview.

I’m sure all of us have made the mistake of hiding something from our significant other. We just need to be honest and open – wait, this is a TV show and they are doing this on purpose! Okay, but still, we want it to be somewhat real, and I think Kate would have told him. He probably would have gone to D.C. with her. Do you think so?

It was nice to see Ryan and Javier ask Beckett throughout the episode, “Is everything okay?” They could see something was wrong, and showed that they cared about her. Also, for Beckett to go to Lanie for advice showed their closeness as friends. That was real.

The most dramatic scene was when Castle found Beckett’s boarding pass. He asked her why she went to D.C., and she told him the truth. Yep, he was mad. He felt betrayed by her. He told her she lied and then hid the lie. As we all have done, she tell’s him it wasn’t a big deal (that old trick). He says to her,”You know what this would mean, and you didn’t include me.” Ouch, I get what he was saying and feeling.

Near the end, we all saw the Deputy Director telephone Kate and tell her she had got the job! “Yea!” Oh no, I mean, “Boo.” This is where I was expecting a big, dramatic confrontation between Castle and Beckett, but what we got was Beckett calling Castle and saying, “We need to talk,” and him responding, “Yeah, we do.”

What?! That’s it?! I thought something happened to my TV screen, or that there was a blackout. Ugh! I was left wanting more, a lot more. The last scene of the “Bones” finale left us shocked, angry and in tears (yes, it’s true). I was really hoping for a more emotional ending to this season of “Castle.” I felt a little cheated. What about you?

Did you watch the season finale? What did you think? Did you want more?

[NOTE FROM JANE: The screener episode that Kim watched was missing the final five minutes. What’s up with THAT, ABC? And for a finale, too! At any rate, that explains the comments below, which Kim responded to. But here’s the amusing part of it — I actually SAW the final five minutes when I watched it in real time as it aired, and I STILL agreed with Kim that there was something missing. It just seemed like the episode sort of rambled along, and then all of a sudden, wham, there’s a proposal at the end! And of course, we’re left wondering what her decision will be for next season. Personally, I don’t see why Castle can’t go to D.C. with her. I mean, he’s a writer, so he’ll take his laptop and set up shop wherever they land. Right? What’s the problem there? That could work … Signed, hopelessly romantic Jane]






10 responses to “Castle Recap: Watershed – Season 5 Finale”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Totally agree! I haven’t watched Castle regularly – just catch an episode here and there – and agree that for a season finale, it just didn’t seem very season finale-ish. I mean, I liked the ending in that it kind of left things open and we’re not really sure which way it’s going to go. But up until that last 10-second scene, it just seemed like any other episode.

  2. anonymous Avatar

    U missed the last scene!

    1. Kim Avatar

      I didn’t miss it. I just thought there should have been more to it. I felt like it was too short. It did leave us wondering what is going to happen though. What do you think will happen at the beginning of next season?

      Thanks for commenting.

    2. Kim Avatar

      You are right! I didn’t see it! I can’t believe it. Now I know why you commented “U missed the last scene.” I will watch it on demand tonight.

      Thanks, Kim

  3. Kerry Dexter Avatar

    I have to disagree. I thought Kate’s not telling Castle about the interview made a lot of sense, in keeping with her character’s way of being reserved and also that there’s a lot of uncertainty in their relationship — and he does have a tendency to make things all about himself and needs to be center stage all the time. I thought the scene between Kate and her dad was brilliant on that point. I liked it as a finale, too — there are enough open story lines and directions to last many more seasons than one in this. I thought it was well written. well acted, well shot — and an emotional cliffhanger that was very much in keeping with the characters.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Kerry, now I get it! I didn’t see the last scene (it wasn’t shown on the screener version – shocking) – now I get it! I will have to watch the end on demand!



  4. Kim Avatar


    I do see your point. I think I just wanted her to tell him face to face in the last scene, and see how he reacted… then leave it there until next season.

    We appreciate your comments. It’s good to have discussion.

    Thanks, Kim

  5. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Ok, I left a little note at the end of the recap about those missing five minutes. Way to go, ABC. But as noted, I STILL agreed with you that the episode seemed like any other episode right up until the last, well, 10 seconds really. Other than that, it didn’t seem like a finale.

    And, really, why couldn’t Castle go to D.C. with her? I’m not sure what grade his daughter is in, but it seems like she and his mom could stay there and he could commute. Plus, she’s gotta be close to graduating, right? (I haven’t watched it consistently, so not sure where she is in the whole school thing.) So he gets her through school and THEN moves to D.C. Seriously, they could make it work.

    1. Kerry Dexter Avatar

      Jane, sure, they could (Alexis is in college now anyway, so not so much an issue). it’s not about the geography, of course, but about the volatility and strength of Castle’s and Beckett’s relationship, a different sort of challenge than some of the high powered physical dangers they’ve faced together thus far. possibilites for new storylines….
      one of the things that keeps me coming back to this show is these are complex characters who show growth and change over time, and not necessarily in tidy predictable ways.

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