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‘Bones’ Season 8 Finale: Could Someone Please Revive Me?

Bones Season 8 Finale

Season finales are suppose to be exciting, suspenseful, happy, shocking, and maybe sad, but this was ridiculous. We felt all those emotions and more on the season eight finale of “Bones.” 

We all knew Pelant was coming back (read the conference call with Emily Deschanel) and that his reign of terror would be worse than ever. We just never thought it would change (or at least hoped it wouldn’t) Booth and Brennan’s relationship in such a dramatic way.

After FBI agents were dying, we really saw Brennan’s emotions coming out like never before. She was so worried about Booth being the target that it made her re-evaluate her life with Booth. We all loved her little speech to him in her office: “You are not allowed to die – do you understand?”

Half way into the show was the scene that millions of fans have been waiting eight seasons for. At long last, the proposal, and she delivered it in the sweetest way we could ever have imagined, with her heart on her sleeve (and we all know how hard that is for her – you’ve come a long way, baby!).

Brennan to Booth: “I’ve been afraid, I’ve been stubborn and I’ve been in love … At this point, I wanna marry you … Will you marry me Booth?”

The tears in her eyes … OMG! Champagne corks popping, fans jumping up and down, elation at this moment (I was on Twitter)!  Hallelujah!!

And then, about 20 minutes later, it all ended. Taken away in the blink of an eye. All I can say is that in the last scene, when Booth tells her they shouldn’t get married (because Pelant will kill innocent people – but Booth can’t tell Bones that), the look of shock and heartbreak on her face just about killed me.

Twitter erupted!  Here are some of the tweets I read :

  • “No, No, No.”
  • “My heart is bleeding like Booth and Brennan’s heart.”
  • “I’m not recording this show anymore.”
  • “I’m mad at you guys for this.”
  • “This is ridiculous – stupid.”
  • “How could you!?”

And my favorite of all (I had to laugh): “OMG, I am now dead, buried and cremated.”  

That pretty much said it for me.  Okay, it is just a show and I am being dramatic, but, really? Really?

Finally, I just want to say that after millions of us (the fans) have faithfully watched eight seasons of “Bones,” and have gone on this long, crazy and wonderful journey with Brennan and Booth, could we please keep them happy?!

They have been happy for two seasons living together and raising Christine. Why do this to them now? It doesn’t make sense.

The most important thing is that we want our beloved characters, Brennan and Booth, to have a happy ending … and not have to wait until the show ends. I think they definitely deserve it, and so do we, the fans.

Okay, I’ve said my peace, and now I will wait patiently for season nine … and hope.

‘Bones’ fans, please leave a comment about your thoughts on the finale.  Are you disappointed with the way it ended?  Do you think they will eventually get married? 






10 responses to “‘Bones’ Season 8 Finale: Could Someone Please Revive Me?”

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  2. Bj Avatar

    My sentiments exactly!! I was heartbroken, sad and just plain melancholy on Monday night. I never in a million years thought the writers could be so cruel! We true “B&B” fans just want them to be happy and yes, married! Hoping, wishing and keeping fingers crossed for a quick resolution in Season 9. Perhaps the powers that be will feel so badly about ruining our hiatus that they will make it up ten fold in the first few episodes of the fall! 🙂

    1. Kim Strand Avatar
      Kim Strand

      I agree completely. Thanks for your comment. Now we must wait!!

  3. Liz Avatar

    Ditto !! So sad…..
    I loved her proposal (I too am a big fan of beef jerky 🙂 ) and was crushed to see how hurt both Brennan and Booth were when he called off the wedding. C’mon give us our fairytale !!!

  4. Stacy Avatar

    I agree!! The look on Brennan’s face was heart breaking. We have waited so long for them to get together. I was completely overjoyed when she finally realized Booth was worth the risk, and decided to jump into marriage. Then, Yuck! What were the writiers thinking? If they wanted to make the fans frustrated and mad, mission accomplished. I too am hoping for the fairytale.

  5. Yasmine Avatar

    I cried, I really did when Booth stand in front of Bones and told her that they cannot get married I felt that I cannot breath and when Bones hide her pain inside I really felt her pain and Booth’s pain too. I never thought that when his life dream came true he had ti turn it down for any reason. I dreamed about this final and how it would be. I thought that Booth would be the target of Palent revenge but not in this way. I never thought he would be the target of Palent dark heart. Booth when he refused the marriage he broke his heart before he did that to Bones and now with Bones trusted problems we have to expect so many downs in their relationship. The final was a big shock to me and cannot wait to the next season to see how these two is going to survive from that revenge, That revenge that can destroy years of waiting for them both, that revenge that can kill them even they are alive because it can kill their love and their hope and that revenge that we all hope to see him died sooner not later I hope.

  6. Carla Stokes Avatar
    Carla Stokes

    This was a totally contrived and disappointing ending to this season. I have followed this show from day 1 but have never witnessed anything as thin as this for a season finale. I have been shocked, saddened and happy at some the finales we have had but this just left me feeling cheated and annoyed at the melodrama.

    It was poor writing as there could have been ways to get around the marriage situation without Pelant knowing. No this was just lame. However congratulations to Emily Deschanel for an excellent performance. She did make me cry.

    I will remain loyal to the show but for goodness sake get your act together EPs and writers.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Hi Carla,
      Yes, very frustrating, and Emily did make me cry too. Great performance. I am sure they will drag it out next season before they finally let them get married (please!).

      Thanks for commenting.


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