Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tom Cruise is on the nonstop promotional tour for Oblivion,” and he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to show a clip (where he and Olga Kurylenko spin wildly out of control in their sci-fi chopper) and deliver a few dramatic one-liners, movie-star style.

Ok, I was really hoping he’d go all TOM CRUISE! with the lines, but he kept it low-key and intense. Maybe he just doesn’t want to start a Bizarre Cruise buzz or something. But I like Bizarre Cruise. He’s fun. And interesting.

And I still say he’s aging backwards. He keeps getting younger and younger! He’s no doubt had some work done, but however he’s doing it, he looks great. And he’s a great sport, too.


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