True Blood Season 6

Should I Start Watching True Blood Again? Here’s the Season 6 Teaser

True Blood Season 6

I admit, I’m a little behind on “True Blood.” The last season I watched was, um, season two. If you recall, that’s the season that involved Maryann and the whole shaking business, people having sex around a fire, bestial sacrifice, yada yada. The whole thing was so ridiculous, I just stopped watching after that.

Well, ok, I did file a few more recaps of season three for TV Squad, and wrote this piece for PopEater: “Did That Final True Blood Sex Scene Cross the Line?” It was after THAT that I quit watching. The whole thing was just too much for me.

So if I’m going to start watching “True Blood” when season six premieres  June 16, 2013 at 9 p.m. on HBO, I’ve got some major catching up to do. I might. I’ll let you know. Tell me if you think I should in the comments below.

Anyway, at the end of season five, apparently Bill had morphed into “Billith” (I’d like to know the story behind THAT name – is he anything like Lilith from “Frasier”?), leaving Sookie and Eric fearing for their lives. That’s where season six picks up.

Also in the season six teaser trailer below, Tara (and some serious firepower) turns on Pam, Jason meets up with Macklyn (played by new cast member, Rutger Hauer – ok, good reason to resume watching right there), angry Alcide tears off his clothes (ditto), and this cryptic tease: “It is the beginning of the end.”

This trailer also has a bit of a sci-fi feel to it, which makes me go hmmm (in a good way).


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  1. Pheonix Avatar

    I just finished the book series and loved it! have watched some of the TV series and it’s ok, but hmm not awesome..

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