Psy Video: Gentleman

Psy Video: Gentleman

All eyes were on Korea this past weekend, and not because of that madman Kim Jong-un, who has threatened to blow up the universe.

Nah, it’s because the “Gagnam Style” rapper Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-san, just released his new video, “Gentleman.” Since it was introduced Saturday, it’s already received 94 million hits.

Maybe South Korea could try blaring the song into the North. Its hypnotic beat has been known to make animals and children cry, and maybe it would have the same effect on North Korean troops. And then there’s Psy’s signature little pony prance and pelvic thrust, which is hard to do in a stiff, military uniform.

Psy, who speaks impeccable English, has recorded the CD in a mix of Korean and English. You can understand just about every other sentence, not that it matters.

In the video Psy, short for his nickname Psycho, behaves in a most ungentlemanly way, yanking on bikini tops, pulling chairs from beneath women, and putting something unspeakable under one woman’s nose. But then he gets a taste of his own medicine when he’s spritzed by water. No one makes fun of Psy like the rapper himself.

Psy’s arch nemesis, the guy with the bowl haircut and the yellow suit, is also back.

“Gentleman” has a ways to go before it catches up with “Gagnam Style,” which is up to 1.5 billion hits,  but it looks like lightning could strike twice for the portly rapper.



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