Mad Men: The Doorway

Mad Men: The Doorway

What did you think of the season six premiere of “Mad Men“? I thought it moved along pretty well — in a quiet way. But that can be a good thing. We don’t need any suicides or lawnmower scenes until things start to lag mid-season.

Some observations:

The transformation of Peggy into Don is complete, isn’t it? On the one hand, I want to be Peggy when I grow up. She takes no guff and has no problem ordering people around. On the other hand … ok, I can’t think of another hand …

Re Roger’s mom passing away … I was just waiting for some kind of breakdown. Knew it was coming. Although, prior to that, I was hoping I’d take my mom’s passing with the same gravitas as Roger, but knew I’d be more like his distraught secretary. Or Roger at the end. Too much death, and all he’s left with is a shoeshine box. Sigh…

Lots of reefer in this episode. The guys in the creative room seem pretty fun.

What’s up with all the tacky Christmas stuff in the office? Snowflakes on the walls? I can’t imagine Don would ever go for that.

Don’s still trying to figure out how he is. The photographer in the office says, “I want you to be yourself.” And Don’s like, well who AM I? And then he looks at the lighter from the guy in the Hawaiian bar, which says:

“In life we often have to do things that just are not our bag.” And he turns it over, and it says PFC Dinkins. 

So maybe Don’s whole life just isn’t his bag. Who knows?

Don puking at the funeral for Roger’s mom = awesome. He’s headed for an ulcer – did he learn nothing from Roger’s health scare a few years back?

Betty’s still a cold fish. Only a brunette now! I guess that’s her way of going a little crazy, after visiting that downer of a place trying to find Sandy. I would have tossed $10 at the guy and taken the violin with me. But I’m a violinist, which clouds my judgment.

Oh Don. Why’d you have to do it? Just when we think he’s living a nice married life with sweet Megan, he’s reading “The Inferno” and doing the neighbor’s wife. I guess anything less would be boring.

It made me cheer silently when the doc found his skis in the storage room and set off to care for his patient. How many docs would do THAT in this day and age?

I felt the same way about Don’s ad mock-up. Made me think of death and/or suicide. Probably not the message you want to send out to potential customers. But he could have turned “the experience” message around to be more lighthearted and fun. “Hawaii — not just a destination. An experience.” Or something.

Your thoughts on this episode? 


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