Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman

Lindsay Lohan Was SUCH a Good Sport Talking Rehab With David Letterman

Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman

I’ve always loved Lindsay Lohan, and her appearance on David Letterman last week just made me love her all the more.

I know she’s had her share of struggles, but what a good sport she is to come on the show after Dave has made her the target of his jokes — and he even read some of them to her from his interview notes. I especially loved when she stole the paper to see what else was on there.

And then she almost had me weeping when SHE started to tear up.

Lindsay, stay strong. Go to rehab. Take some time for yourself and figure out what it is you want in life. That’s my unsolicited advice for you. You can do this. We’re with you.

Watch the interview below, and for more details, click through to  They have a great write-up over there.



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3 responses to “Lindsay Lohan Was SUCH a Good Sport Talking Rehab With David Letterman”

  1. paula schwartz Avatar
    paula schwartz

    What is there to love about Lindsay Lohan? Can’t agree with you there. She had talent, beauty, breaks in the business. She squandered it on her narcissism and ditzziness. It’s sometimes hard to remember how talented she is since her escapades reported in the press have eclipsed the memory of her film work, but she was particularly good in “The Parent Trap” and “Prairie Home Companion,” directed by Robert Altman. But who even thinks of those films when they think of Lohan? To have such opportunities and such talent and throw it away seems a crime. Her crocodile tears on Letterman were for herself and having to go to rehab. I didn’t believe a word of her cheerleading. She was also not a good sport. She expected David Letterman to stay on script for her latest film “The Canyons,” a low-budget quickie directed by Paul Schrader (and maybe Lindsay’s last chance to have any Hollywood producer take a chance on her) and when instead he hammered her on her personal life, Lindsay whined and made all kinds of excuses. Yes her parents are duds but that doesn’t excuse her behavior, including not showing up on set, drinking – especially jeopardizing other people’s lives by DUI. No one holds out much hope another stint in rehab will straighten her out. I hope I’m wrong because I thought she was terrific in many films, especially “Mean Girls.” By the way, at her young age of 26, the partying is showing on her face, which has gotten puffy. She hasn’t had a starring role in a prestigious film for years and “The Canyons” may be her last chance to win over big-time filmmakers and instead of promoting the film she’ll be in rehab.

  2. Kim Strand Avatar
    Kim Strand

    Jane, you beat me to it. I was thinking about writing a piece on that interview. I have watched Lindsey over the years, and always think of that sweet little face on “The Parent Trap,” hoping and praying she will come out of this. – The interview was uncomfortable at first, but she really held her own. Good for her. Do I get frustrated watching her over and over again making bad decisions, yes, but I really think it has a lot to do with her parents, lame people around her, and of course the drugs and/or drinking. I felt the same way about Robert Downey Jr., who did the same thing, but pulled out of it, and has flourished. – I think she needs a long stay in rehab, and has to align herself with good strong friends who can tell her “no” to things. I haven’t given up on her yet, but time may be running out. I am really crossing my fingers. She is a talented actress, and I really hope she can come out on top. Be stronger than you ever have Lindsey!

  3. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Ok! Well, two wildly divergent opinions on Miss Lindsay. I’m still leaning towards Kim’s side, and hope the young starlet can figure out her issues in rehab and come out stronger and live a long and happy life with a great career. Hey, it can happen!

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