Kraft Dressing Ad: Shirtless Guy

Kraft Dressing Ad: Shirtless Guy

Salad isn’t salad without dressing, right? And what is a commercial aimed at females without a scantily-clad male?

Kraft has decided to take the route of Diet Coke and their shirtless muscly guy ads with a series of their own. Did you even notice there is a bottle of dressing in the commercial?  There are three commercials in all. All featuring the same actor, and all featuring him shirtless at some point.

Suddenly, I’m craving a cobb salad with my dressing and a man on the side. Watch below to see what the folks at Dish Nation have to say about the ad.

Oddly, Sauza Tequila filmed a short web commercial with the same actor, in almost the same poses and shirtless stance. So who came first?  The liquor or the dressing?


  1. I like the first one, but the second one is a little too weird. They remind me of the Old Spice ads, though, which I loved.


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