Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys

My husband and I saw “Jersey Boys” — the musical chronicling the formation, success and eventual break-up of the 1960s group The Four Seasons — about three years ago, and absolutely loved it!

We saw it for the second time last week, and were even more impressed. The music, that fabulous music … every time  they started performing a song, I thought to myself, “Oh, this is my favorite,” but then they would start another and I would think the same thought. How do you pick your favorite with so many sensational hits coming at you?  “Sherry,” “Rag Doll,” “Let’s Hang On,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Who Loves You” … see what I mean?

The cast was absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe how they can find a singer who sounds so much like Frankie. All of the singers were so amazing that I could have sworn it was The Four Seasons themselves performing. That’s what we came for, right? Gotta love it.

What we really enjoyed (and paid more attention to the second time) was the back story of each band member (I like back stories). You become attached to them, and I shook my head when Tommy DeVito made bad choices over and over again, to the point of almost bankrupting the band.

And what about Bob Guadio? Wow, what a selfless talent. He had an incredible gift of song writing, and of course, one of the show stoppers (as most of you probably know) is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” — the song Bob fought and fought to have played by radio stations. It really did bring chills to me when I saw the horn section come out and “Frankie” perform that song.  Amazing.

Watching this show makes one realize how hard you have to work, and the sacrifices you have to make to get to the top. But it also shows how talented those four boys from Jersey really were.

The saddest part was seeing the demise of Frankie’s marriage and the heartbreaking struggle Frankie had with his daughter, Francine. Tears rolled down my face (again) when he received the news of her death. She was only 22.

One thing I like to do during a show is comb the audience to see how people are reacting to it .  What I saw at this show was pure joy from the patrons. I am pretty sure it wasn’t their first time seeing it either.

If you have thought about seeing a show, I would say that “Jersey Boys” is a must. I can promise you, it will surpass your expectations, and you will probably be downloading The Four Seasons Greatest Hits on your iPod as soon as you get home.


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