Subaru Commercial: Dad and School Bus

Subaru Commercial: Dad and School Bus

Subaru has a new commercial out, and every time I see it I’m worried for the dad. But probably not the way Subaru is thinking I’ll be worried.

Here’s the set-up: A dad is standing on the curb with his little daughter. It’s her first day of school. She’s scared but trying to be brave. He’s scared but trying to be brave. They’re both trying their best to be brave.

She starts to climb the big steps on the school bus and looks back, a little worried about being taken away in this big yellow vehicle. But she gets on the bus anyway.

Then the dad hops in his Subaru and follows the bus. Every parent’s been there. Following the bus to school on a kid’s first scary day. You’re scared, they’re scared, everyone’s scared.

But as he’s following the bus, he pulls up next to it and whew, sees that everything is ok.  The little girl has already made new friends (in less than 30 seconds! Way to go!). She’s laughing up a storm.

And then … maybe I’ve seen too many movies where a horrible car crash takes away a parent … but I’m VERY WORRIED that the dad is driving on the wrong side of the road!

He’s so worried about his little girl that he’s forgotten how to drive! He’s looking at her in the bus, and look out! A big truck is headed your way and doesn’t see you, Dad! Oh man, the dad gets mangled in a horrendous car crash and the girl is traumatized for life, having just witnessed the whole thing!

Yeah, I’ve probably seen too many movies. Still, you’d think that Subaru would at least put a big fat one-way street sign somewhere to keep our minds from straying into TRAGIC CITY!


  1. No need to worry…he is to the right of the bus. Either he is on a 2-lane one way road, or a 4-lane road. Whenever I see this commercial I immediately feel bad for the Dad…his daughter took all of 30 seconds to totally forget about him and start talking to other kids.

  2. if you look very keenly after the gal gets into the bus and both dad and bus are running parallel ….you can see dotted lines on the road. Which means either it is one way road or it is ok to over take the vechile in front of you…..Unless the bus shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. I l0ve this commercial. I see my grandaughter in this little girl.
    My advice to Jane would be to not look for trouble where there is none.
    If you look closely you can see the bus is in a left turn lane when the father
    passes on the right. Perfectly safe – as is the whole message of the commercial.

  4. I didn’t follow the school bus but I rushed inside to call my son’s kindergarten teacher after he got on the bus in hysterics. She called back and was sad to inform me that my son came into school laughing with a bunch of kids. It happens. However that father needs to keep his eyes on the road.

  5. The bus and car are both on the wrong side of the road as is evident by the yellow stripe on the right hand side of the road. The yellow stripe should always be on your left. If it is on your right you are driving the wrong way. A white ‘fog stripe’ should be on the right hand side of the road if you are traveling in the correct direction.


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