Carrie 2013

Carrie 2013Sony Pictures released their official trailer for Carrie yesterday and it’s bloody and very creepy.

“Carrie” is  “Boys Don’t Cry” director Kimberly Pierce‘s take on Stephen King‘s first published novel about a misfit high-school teenager with telekinetic powers, played by Chloe Grace MoretzJulianne Moore plays her abusive, ultra-religious domineering mother.

The movie is a remake of Brian De Palma‘s mother of all prom horror flicks, starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie. Amy Irving played the nice girl, and John Travolta, William Katt and Betty Buckley also appeared in the film. (Buckley starred in a Broadway musical version of “Carrie”25 years ago that was a flop, but which was memorable for some of the campy numbers, including a song Carrie sings about getting her period.)

In light of national campaigns to stop bullying and the 2011 movie “Bully” (read Jane’s review here), scenes of Carrie being taunted and baited by her classmates have an even more more disturbing and troubling effect.

Our major gripe with the trailer is that it seems to show a bit of every major scene in the film, which looks very similar to the De Palma version.

“Carrie” opens Oct. 18 2013. Will you see it?



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