Castle: The Lives of Others

Castle: The Lives of Others

Castle celebrated its 100th episode tonight! Wow, can you believe it? I can, and I want 100 more! Love this show.

In this 100th episode, we saw Castle laid up at home with a broken leg, and his birthday looming. How can he bear it? That makes a bored and sad Castle. We know how much he loves solving crimes, and now he’s stuck at home in a wheelchair.

Of course, we know something has to happen, and it does. Spying on neighbors (with binoculars Alexis bought him) in an apartment building across the street, he sees a murder take place … or does he?  Yes, the “Rear Window” scenario. I loved it. What did you think?

Castle, in his usual way, gets excited and worried, and tells Beckett he thinks he saw a murder. She doesn’t believe it, and tell him he’s just bored, or probably still feels the effects of his pain pills. It’s funny to see Beckett try to take care of an injured Castle while trying to solve the murder of an IRS agent who is seen bludgeoned to death on a surveillance video. I’m not sure which was harder for her! Ha ha.

Beckett and Castle are a cute couple, aren’t they? I think she has really softened up, and was sweet to him tonight. Although she was getting annoyed at him with all of the “murder” phone calls to her while she was working.

The fun in this episode was to see Castle try to convince Beckett and the gang that he really did see a murder. Of course, Beckett knows he has a vivid imagination and tries to tell him that it really wasn’t a murder. She even appeased Castle by going to speak to the suspect and the girlfriend (her by phone.) I wonder how I would feel and what I would do if I saw an apparent murder, but was bound to a wheelchair and nobody believed me.  The whole thing was clever.

The actual case that Beckett and the team were investigating was sort of typical. Man meets woman, they have an affair, and man kills wife instead of divorcing her. I never can understand that choice, AND they always get caught! People, people…

Now back to the fun. I thought it was hilarious when Castle, who was really bored at home, flew a mechanical helicopter around his condo with full commentary. He’s a little kid at heart, isn’t he? I think that’s why we like him so much. I am sort of like him. I like to have fun.

At this point in the show, I still wasn’t sure (but had a hunch) if the murder was real or not. What were you thinking? There was a lot of evidence indicating it was, and Castle certainly thought so, especially when he went over to the apartment himself to check out the bedroom where he thought the murder had taken place. Those types of scenes kill me. Even though I know it’s a show, I still get nervous about someone being caught!

When Beckett and Castle got into trouble by the captain for the illegal search in the storage locker, Beckett thought he was finally convinced that there was no murder … but it’s Castle, right? We know he doesn’t give up. I knew he wouldn’t. That’s why I loved the next scene.

Beckett looked so pretty in her dress when she came to take Castle out for his birthday dinner, but got so mad at him when he looked through the binoculars one more time and said he knew the body was in the fridge. That was it! I laughed when she told him she was going over to the apartment to look in the fridge herself.

When she put her hands on his wheelchair and told him that going over to the apartment was “not as dangerous as me if you blow up my plans!’ — that was a good one. And then when she stuck out her tongue at him while waiting at the neighbor’s door. Funny.

Okay, the best scene — and I think you’ll all agree — was when it looked like Beckett was going to be killed. Castle called the gang, and they all ended up at the apartment to save her, but the lights were out. When they went in, the lights went on and “surprise!” — Castle’s birthday present — a fake murder, and everyone was in on it!

He looked really mad (and I thought he might be), but then he said it was the best present of his life, “epic.” Yea! I definitely think that type of thrill fits his personality, don’t you?

Ah, and we all know that Castle wants to get Beckett back for this one. Oh, and we got a good kiss out of them too!

Did you like the 100th episode? Did you think he saw a murder? I wasn’t sure which way it was going, but I like how it ended … and today was April Fool’s Day, too. 


  1. Oh wow. What a cool premise! I didn’t see the ep, but I’m seriously gullible, so totally would have thought he’d seen a murder. Neat how they brought it back around to his birthday present. I must start watching this show again.

    So, are Castle and Beckett a couple now? Has it hurt the dynamics of the show at all? (The “Moonlighting” curse!)

    • Yes, it was a cool premise. It was a fun idea, and it worked. It was great to see Castle surprised like that!

      As far as the “Moonlighting” curse goes… I think they have a good thing going, but there is always something fun about “waiting” for a couple to get together. I think people are glad they are together and want to see where it goes.

    • The dreaded question. Booth and Bones, or Castle and Beckett. Ugh, that’s hard because I like them both so much! Booth and Brennan had a really intense chemistry the first few years of the show. It has continued, but in a different way. Now that they are together, it seems the writing for those two isn’t the same as it used to be. I want them to ramp it up, or have more romance, and some serious conversation about their relationship.

      Castle and Beckett also had great tension. It’s not as intense now, of course, since they are a couple. They are sweet together, and hope it develops more, but I don’t see them gettting married for a while. Booth and Brennan need to, it’s been a long journey for them! And it’s been a long journey for the fans!

      What do you other viewers think?

  2. I loved the episode and was totally wrapped up in the mystery murder ( although I did think it was odd the “victim” would be having an affair after I got a look at her husband

  3. I thought it was a cool premise and figured a twist was coming…but I like some of the episdoes which seem to me to have more story to them better. such as the recent one, Still, or the one when Castle and Martha are hsotages in the bank, or the one with the tiger… have to say, though, this has to be one of the best written, acted, and edited shows around.


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