Sex Cereal

Boost Your Libido with SexCereal – We’re Not Making This Up

Sex CerealA Canadian manufacturer has created SexCereal, a morning breakfast treat to boost your libido. It comes in his and her versions.

The female version contains things like ginger, sunflower seeds and almonds.

The male version supports testosterone and sexual health and contains such natural ingredients as bee pollen, chia and goji berries. You, too, could look like this:

Sex Cereal for Him

Each pack costs about $10/bag.

It doesn’t say it, but I imagine for the cereal to work at maximum efficiency, you should serve it with breast milk. I’m here all week. Try the veal.

See what the folks at Dish Nation have to say about it.



2 responses to “Boost Your Libido with SexCereal – We’re Not Making This Up”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    If you accidentally eat the wrong cereal, do you start morphing into the opposite sex?

  2. Batians Avatar

    Great work. But what are some of the side effects? (short and long term)

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