Bones: The Party in the Pants

Bones Recap: The Party in the Pants – Season 8, Episode 22

Bones: The Party in the Pants

Well, “Bones” fans, the 8th season is winding down (boo hoo), and these last episodes are going to be good, including this week’s episode, when we finally got to meet Booth’s mom, played by the lovely Joanna Cassidy. We also get a surprise in the last scene which makes me think something (you can guess) will happen next season! We’ll talk about that later.

In this episode, we begin with the usual humor (although dark) at the crime scene. A man working at a construction site is learning to operate a backhoe and ends up picking up a dead body with the jaws of the machine. Who comes up with these ideas?! Anyway, the operator proceeds to drop the body onto his boss! Always a funny spin, isn’t there?

While the team investigates the victim’s (Jack Spindler) death, they discover that he was a stock broker by day and moonlighted as a stripper. The amusing part of this episode is that Bones (as we know, she wrote a paper on strippers in college) kept spurting out facts about strippers … the empowerment to women, the great tips they can make, and even telling Wendall that with his muscular body he could make a good income as an exotic dancer and still have a profession.

The funniest line, I thought, was when she told Cam and Angela that she was a better tipper when ovulating. That was a good one. I don’t know how she keeps a straight face.

Oh, and don’t you think Brennan’s hair looked great in this episode? Thought I’d just throw that in there.

Meanwhile, the team has found out that Jack’s boss has been pressuring him into a stock scheme. Jack didn’t like it, and meets Storm, a stripper, who convinces him to strip because he could make a lot of money. Jack does it, but takes most of Storms clients …  now we can guess who the lead suspect is.

The most interesting part of the episode for me — and probably for most of you — was that Booth’s mom comes back after 24 years to find him and Jerrod. When she surprised Booth in his office, I thought he would have a lot stronger reaction, didn’t you? He was happy to see her, and she explained to him why she left, but I thought it might be a little more dramatic. We all know Booth’s father was a violent drunk, but as a mother, I would definitely have taken my kids. I think most moms would. Anyway, he told her he missed her, and she could stay with him and Bones.

Once at their house, Booth and his mom talk and dance (we find out she is a singer). They’re having fun, and Bones brings Christine down to say good night and says to Booth’s mom, “It must have been so hard to run away from your children.” Uh oh. Booth isn’t too happy about her saying that, but his mom said she had to leave, especially after being thrown down a flight of stairs. She tells both of them she was never going to subject herself to that again. It all ended fine, and was sweet how the three of them sang “No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed” together to Christine.

Here came the sad part. Booth and his mom meet at a park the next day, and she tells him she is getting married to her piano player (Reggie), and wants Booth to give her away. Yeah. But then she tells him that he will love Reggie’s kids.

Booth is so mad about this, and I guess I don’t blame him. He couldn’t believe that she raised someone else’s kids, and didn’t come home for both of them. This is exactly why I love this show. I love the personal stories of the characters. We really get to know them and their history, and it defines the show. What do you think?

With Booth still mad, Bones talks to him about the Jesus/religion myth (we all know he doesn’t like her calling it a myth). Her biggest point being that it took her a long time to forgive her father, and forgiveness is the value of the myth: “That’s it’s value. That’s why it’s endured.” That was a good little speech, and he took note.

Ok, back to the case. Some of the team had some fun moments with the investigation – yes, Angela and Hodgens, when he starts performing his little strip tease for her. That was funny, especially seeing Cam’s reaction when she comes into the office and does a quick about-face. I love Angela and Hodgens.

I loved the scene when Booth and Bones were going to question Storm about Jack’s death (he happened to be “performing” at a party). That was amusing when she asked him if he ever considered stripping, and he said no, but then she told him that she did strip. “What?” He was shocked, but she told him it was for research for her paper, and it was only once. He didn’t want to hear about. Ha ha.

As we know, the team figures out it was Storm who killed Jack. He had beaten him to death with his prop (gun.) I figured it was him. I’m sure you did, too.

Next, Booth and Bones are shown at home. Christine  is holding Booth’s stuffed animal from his childhood. Bones tells him his mom gave it to her, and “she won’t put it down.”  You could tell that meant something to him, and that he did need to forgive her.

Ok, now the good part! They go to the wedding and surprise his mom. He walks her down the aisle, and all is good. At the reception, everyone is having a great time. Time for the bouquet toss … yes, it’s true, Bones catches the bouquet and looks back at Booth.  Please, please tell me they will get married in season nine. It’s been a long journey and a long time coming for all of us!

Did you like this episode? What are your thoughts about Booth’s mom? The big question, do you want Booth and Brennan to get married? Thanks for your comments.


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