Annette Funicello: The Mickey Mouse Club

Annette Funicello’s Passing Brings Up Warm Childhood Memories

Annette Funicello: The Mickey Mouse Club

Annette Funicello passed away this week at the age of 70 from complications of MS (multiple sclerosis.)  She had battled the disease for nearly 25 years. It saddened me, but also brought back happy childhood memories of watching her on The Mickey Mouse Club.”

When my mother was young (she was a year younger than Annette,) she loved watching “The Mickey Mouse Club,” and especially enjoyed Annette. “There was just something about her,” my mother explained.

Years later, when the show went into reruns, my mother had my sister and I watching it. We too learned that there was something special about Annette. She was definitely my favorite Mouseketeer. She was sweet, pretty, could sing and dance, and had a certain way that she carried herself. We also loved watching her in “Spin and Marty,” a series from “The Mickey Mouse Club.” I loved how they had a series in a series.

She also had her own series within the show titled “Annette.” Here’s the first episode, which originally aired on Feb. 11, 1958, and co-starred Tim Considine who went on to star as Mike in “My Three Sons.”

Walt Disney discovered Annette while she was in a production of “Swan Lake.” She was 12 at the time. He promptly signed her as a Mouseketeer, and she soared to the top in popularity. When the show ended in 1959, she was the only one who stayed with the studio. They knew she had that “star” quality, whether it be her beauty, spunk, or innocence.

She went on to make several “Beach Party” movies with Frankie Avalon, including “Beach Blanket Bingo,” which I watched part of last night on the Internet for fun. I wanted to remember her as a teenager, and the sweetness and innocence she conveyed. Oh yeah, and as a sidebar, there was also an up-and-coming actress in the movie, too. Linda Evans – remember her?!

Over the years, Annette did other films and TV. She was always seen as “America’s Sweetheart” … kind, humble and classy. She gave up her movie career to focus on raising a family.

In 1992, she revealed publicly that she had MS, five years after her diagnosis. She became an inspiration for people who had the disease, and started the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.

She was always a class act, and over the years, whenever I heard her name or saw her picture, I thought of  “The Mickey Mouse Club,” and the fond memories I had of her from my childhood.

Rest In Peace, Annette.

Tell us your thoughts and memories about Annette in the comments below. Did you watch “The Mickey Mouse Club” or any of  the “Beach Party” movies?


7 responses to “Annette Funicello’s Passing Brings Up Warm Childhood Memories”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    I enjoyed your piece on Annette. I watched the clip…..corny, but sweet. Annette was loved by so many of us as we grew up. Thanks for remembering her and sharing this.

  2. Christine Avatar

    I also enjoyed watching the Mickie Mosuse Club with my mom when I was younger. My mom used to tease my dad that he had a secret crush on Annette! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. She was an inspiration to so many people and will be greatly missed.

  3. aurora harmon Avatar

    iloved annete I was very sad to hear she had died she was myfavorte and iloved herin themickey mouse club she was a wonderful person istill cant belive she is gone thank you aurora harmon

  4. AURORA harmon Avatar

    annete was a wonderful person I remember when I meet her in person at diseny and I remember I wood run home to wach the micky mouse club isaw her in make room for daddy iwill always remember the micky mouse club and themickymouse club story iwas ibig fan of Annette annete was myfavorte

  5. AURORA harmon Avatar

    Annette was so cute in the micky mouse culb can they bring back the old micky mouse club she was such a sweet little girl iwill miss her she was a wonderful person wow ifell lke a little girl again
    thank you Annette love aurora harmon
    iwill never forget you

  6. John Rall Avatar
    John Rall

    RIP “America’s girl next door”… you will always be our Pineapple Princess!

  7. Julie Snyder Avatar
    Julie Snyder

    I first watched the Mickey Mouse Club in reruns in 1975, at 1o years of age. In 1991, when Annette was to debut her teddy bear line at Disneyland, I made sure to go in order to meet her. About 3 weeks later, in the newspapers, I was stunned to learn she had been diagnosed with MS. She was the first Mouseketeer I had the opportunity to meet. She will be missed.

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