American Idol: Candice Glover

American Idol: Candice Glover’s Amazing Version of LoveSong (VIDEO)

American Idol: Candice Glover

We can’t stop thinking about Candice Glover‘s amazing version of “Lovesong” (sometimes listed as “Love Song”) she sang on “American Idol” last week. I say “we” because my whole household is enamored with this performance.

It’s a song originally recorded by the English alternative rock band The Cure, released as the third single from their eighth studio album “Disintegration” in 1989.

I knew the song sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it immediately, because her version is so, so different from the original. I love the original, but Candice really just blew it out of the universe with her soulful torch song rendition.

Her voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard. She’s just a natural, and so far above the other girls on “Idol” (though they’re all great this year). If she doesn’t win, something is wrong. Then again, she might do better if she doesn’t win. Look at Jennifer Hudson.

Anyway, the “Idol” judges went wild. Randy Jackson called it the best song ever performed on “Idol” in all 12 years. Keith Urban got out of his seat and bowed down to Candice. Mariah Carey went up to the stage and sprinkled glitter on a stunned Candice.

Listen to Candice’s version, and below that is The Cure’s original version. Leave comments below.

The Cure’s original version of the song:


4 responses to “American Idol: Candice Glover’s Amazing Version of LoveSong (VIDEO)”

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  2. Alisav Avatar

    INCREDIBLE. Best version imaginable. Even Adele’s doesn’t hold a candle (though credit to Adele for ‘seeing’ it differently).

    Candice one of the best vocalists for decades, and I DON’T just mean on a talent show, I mean PERIOD!

  3. Anne C Avatar
    Anne C

    Thank you–just what I was searching for after Candice’s performance

  4. Tara Avatar

    I thought that the “Songs the Idols Wish They Had Written” was a brilliant category of songs. I really feel like Candice is the only one that chose a different route for her song and that’s what propelled her to stand out from everyone else. Perhaps I’m biased because “Love Song” is one of my all time favorite songs. Who can blame anyone for loving and appreciating her version? Yes, it’s the arrangement that Adele chose but Candice still made it her own and killed it! I see her going all the way to the end.

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