State Theatre Colorbook Project

State Theatre Colorbook Project: Movies, Cell Phones and Community

State Theatre Colorbook Project

You guys have heard me talk about our local State Theatre here in Traverse City, Michigan. It’s a place I used to watch movies as a kid (including “Gone With the Wind”), and who knew I’d grow up to help tweet about the theater in the new millennium?

The theatre is also home base to our Traverse City Film Festival. Both the theatre and the film fest are very strict about cell phones. No cell phones during movies!

So to help remind viewers about that policy, the State Theatre Colorbook was created. It’s a really cool idea — people in the community colored pages depicting 48 iconic films spanning 100 years. In all, about 5500 people colored the pages over the course of six months. More than a dozen schools, several community groups, professional artists and hundreds of folks joined in the fun at “Color Parties” all over Traverse City.

It’s a neat way to tap into the creative energy of Northern Michigan, while bringing together people of all ages to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures – coloring! Truly, when is the last time YOU colored something in a coloring book? Go do it now.

The State Theatre Colorbook was conceived by The TreeFort Collective and produced by The TreeFort Collective and FishSoup Films. Original music is by Luke Kelly. Take a look at the result…


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