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Robert Redford Hits the Big Screen Again in All Is Lost, The Company You Keep

Robert RedfordI’m always excited to see Robert Redford on the big screen, because he’s usually on the other side of the camera these days, as with “The Conspirator,” which he produced and directed in 2010.

But he has a couple of films coming up, including All Is Lost,” a man vs. nature tale that finds Redford’s character getting lost at sea and fighting the elements to stay alive. That’s about all the plot details we know of this film directed by J.C. Chandor, who helmed 2011’s “Margin Call.”

Here’s the only image of “All Is Lost” that’s been released so far. All I can say is, the 75-year-old Redford must really love making movies, because this looks like no fun whatsoever when he could be riding a horse across his palatial 5000 acres in Utah, then spend the rest of the evening reading in front of a cozy fire. “All is Lost” is scheduled for release sometime in 2013.

Robert Redford in All Is Lost
Robert Redford braves the waves in All Is Lost

Another upcoming film is The Company You Keep.” Based on Neil Gordon’s novel of the same name with a screenplay adapted by Lem Dobbs (“Haywire,” “The Limey”), the story follows Jim Grant (Redford), a former member of the 70’s anti-Vietnam war group Weather Underground who’s wanted for murder.

Shia LaBeouf plays relentless reporter Ben Shepard who exposes Grant’s real identity, thus causing him to leave his young daughter and go on the run. Susan Sarandon plays a former member of Weather Underground whose recent arrest leads Shepard to uncover the mysteries behind Grant’s 30 years in hiding.

Robert Redford in The Company You Keep
Robert Redford in The Company You Keep

Watch the trailer below and see if you think it harks back to Redford’s 1975 film “Three Days of the Condor,” in which he also spends much of the film on the run. It’s clear that even as he’s pushing 80 (!), Redford can jump fences and flee police dogs with the best of them.

The film also stars Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Nick Nolte, Anna Kendrick, Chris Cooper and Stanley Tucci, among others. Redford also directs and produces the film.


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