Sophie Lowe

Once Upon A Time Gets a Spin-Off with Once: Wonderland

Sophie Lowe
Sophie Lowe

In recent months, there was rumor that ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” would spin off the Mad Hatter’s character into his own series — but without the actor who originated role, as Sebastian Stan had prior commitments with the “Captain America” franchise and his Broadway play “Picnic.”

This caused an uproar amongst fans of “Once,” as the character’s likability was largely due to the actor who portrayed him.

Now, ABC has confirmed that there will be a spinoff. “Once: Wonderland” will follow Alice (played by Aussie actress Sophie Lowe) on her adventures. Joining her are Cyrus (Brit actor Peter Gadiot), her love interest with a mysterious past, and the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha from the BBC’s “Being Human”), soldier and breaker of hearts.

No word on if the Mad Hatter will make an appearance, and if it will be Sebastian Stan donning the headgear.

Will you watch the spinoff?


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