Nicki Minaj goes topless

Nicki Minaj goes toplessI generally like to think of myself as open-minded, but I don’t really get Nicki Minaj. There’s definitely some sort of chip I’m missing that understands her whole brand. She looks ridiculous most of the time — and not in a good way — says the most bizarre things, and I don’t really get rapping anyway. It’s talking, people. To music.

And then she does something like this — goes topless in French Montana’s latest music video for “Freaks.” I mean, if you watch it, I guess they are freaky, so there’s that.

Proceed with caution. It’s NSFW and includes explicit language and images. I found it more bearable with the sound off, but had to cover my eyes through much of it. Look, I’m all for people embracing their weirdness, but does it have to venture into porn territory?

And we actually like her on “American Idol,” because she certainly shakes things up a bit, but I also feel like her being there is degrading the whole “American Idol” brand, especially when she puts out projects like this one below.

In one way, I get that she’s encouraging people to be themselves, no matter how weird or different they are, but it’s difficult for me to encourage my kids to encourage THAT when she does stuff like the video below, if that makes sense.

The joint venture for the 28-year-old rapper and Nicki, 30, was released yesterday March 7 on BET’s 106 and Park.

See what you think. Does she go too far? 


  1. I was not sure what to think of Nicki when I first heard her. After being objective and giving her a chance now I find that I am warming up to her style and ” culture”. This video is definitely not something I am going to show my kid…. but still I like her

  2. I can understand how the author feels about Miss Minaj. I remember when she was battling in the streets of New York and killing the competition at rap battles. I do understand how a rap artist must comply with what the record company wants and you must market how they say. What I do not understand is how a rapper that used to kill it is only given those industry standard crappy cloner instrumentals to spit over. We are talking big money here so there you go.



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