New Girl: Quick Hardening Caulk

New Girl: Quick Hardening Caulk

New Girl is back with a new ep, and I loved every minute of it!  It was sexy and funny all rolled into one.

Jess can’t stop thinking about the kiss she shared with Nick. She’s even more turned on after Nick shows some initiative by creating a promotional night for work. And even more turned on that he’s doing laundry and wants to iron his shirts (hey, I know that turns me on when a man does laundry or housework!). Unbeknownst to her, Nick’s newfound ambition is because he’s got a new boss and he’s sleeping with her, too.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is still hung up about Cece’s engagement. He’s downing melon liqueur like it’s water, but Nick warns him the alcohol content is really low — so low even pregnant women can drink it.

Everything around Jess has a sexual undertone (or is it overtone?), and when Nick asks for a ride to the local hardware store, his actions are all sexual, in Jess’ eyes. He’s yanking chains, holding large sections of pipe, and even the items on his list sound sexual — drills, screws, and quick hardening caulk.

New Girl: Quick Hardening CaulkAfter Jess is injured in a mishap at the hardware store, she unwittingly confesses her desire for Nick to him when she’s hopped up on pain meds. In her desire to get Nick into bed, Nick burns his hand on the hot soup he brought her.

Winston tries to get Schmidt’s mind off Cece by taking him to a local aquarium, but Schmidt becomes obsessed with a lionfish, its beauty rivalling Cece’s. He must have it. Or is it a just a metaphor for his frustration over Cece?

The results of his search for the lionfish are hysterical. When he realizes his obsession with the lionfish is really about Cece, he tries to return it to the sea with hilarious results (watch the credits for this one). It’s a simple action, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Jess shows up at Nick’s promotional night and finds out Nick’s been sleeping with his boss. She storms out and Nick follows her back to the apartment and confronts her.  This time, she kisses him. They continue to argue as they continue to kiss. He tells her to take her clothes off right now, and in the process of clearing off the dining room table so they can do the horizontal mambo, he breaks the 40-gallon fish tank Schmidt got for the lionfish.

His absurd comment about cleaning up the mess with some paper towels annoys Jess, and they both storm off to their respective rooms, slamming their doors, but come back out for one last kiss.

The sexual tension and love/hate relationship between Jess and Nick reminds me of Sam and Diane from “Cheers,” or the build-up to the first kiss from any John Hughes movie from the 80’s like “Pretty in Pink” or “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Even the music is reminiscent of the 80’s.

Between her chin and his burnt hand, it’s mishap after mishap between kisses, but it’s hot, sexy, and adorable at the same time. I love these two — together or apart.

My only problem with the kiss scene is when Jess and Nick both storm off to their rooms after the fish tank is smashed, neither are tracking any water back to their room. Gallons upon gallons of water spill to the floor in front of them and neither of them have wet feet? Continuity, people!

What did you think of this episode? Would you rather see Nick and Jess together, or keep them apart for a while? 


  1. I thought the exact same thing after the fish tank broke. They should have both been walking with squishy, wet shoes and, at least Nick’s pants should have been wet at the bottom too.


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