Girl Rising Documentary

Girl Rising Documentary: Educate Girls, Change the World

Girl Rising Documentary

“Educate girls, change the world.” That’s the simple and powerful mission of the social action campaign and documentary Girl Rising,” which premiered Wednesday in New York at the Paris Theater, across the street from the luxurious Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

Girl Rising DocumentaryThe movie focuses on the lives of nine inspiring girls who come from countries that include Afghanistan (the girl in this segment keeps her face covered to protect her life), Peru, Egypt, Sierra Leone and India, who struggle to better their lives through education.

Directed by Richard Robbins and narrated by Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep and other big names, the movie sends out some depressing statistics. For example, 14 million girls younger than 18 will be married this year; there are 66 million girls who are not in school, and in poor countries in which families have sons, they will send him to school instead of his sister.  More girls under 15 in Africa die in childbirth than from AIDS.

“Girl Rising” made its theatrical debut on March 7, and will make its broadcast premiere on CNN in June. Here is the official trailer for the inspiring and fascinating film:

Audiences can also set up a screenings through Gathr Films, which allows individuals to book “Girl Rising” into movie theaters across the country in your community — if enough people reserve tickets to see it.

Allison Williams
Allison Williams of HBO’s “Girls” at the “Girl Rising” Afterparty | Rinaldo Guerra Photo

Check out the site for more details on how to set up a screening in your local theater.

The beautiful Allison Williams, one of the stars of Lena Dunham’s HBO series, “Girls,” attended the premiere and afterparty to support the film.

Held at Tao’s in midtown Manhattan, the afterparty was lavish and fun, although after seeing the documentary about poor girls whose families struggle to send them to school, I felt a little guilty when the spicy shrimp, petite sirloin burgers and giant strawberries dipped in chocolate were passed around.

Williams didn’t even pick up a single shrimp, although in that sexy outfit it would show. Kudos to the actress for supporting such an inspiring and worthwhile project. Girl power!


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