Kevin Bacon in The Following
Kevin Bacon in The Following
Kevin Bacon in The Following

When I first previewed the pilot for “The Following,” I thought it to be an exciting thriller-suspense-drama. I love both leads — Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy — but after a half a dozen episodes, I’m finding the show a bit hokey.

I get that serial killer Joe Carroll has cultivated a huge following of believers, much like David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, but on an even larger scale. What I don’t get and what I find all too coincidental is that practically every other person is one of his followers and willing to kill to please this man. It’s just too convenient and much too cliche.

So much so that I am quickly losing interest in this show, even though Fox announced they have picked it up for season two. He has even turned police officers and FBI agents over to his side? Come on.

What do you think of “The Following” so far? Still liking it? 



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