Mad Men Season 6

Five Clues From the Mad Men S6 Poster (Who is Don Holding Hands With?)

Mad Men Season 6

Is it time for season six ofMad Men yet? It’s not far off; the new season premieres Sunday, April 7 at 9/8c on AMC (two hours! a 3-martini event!), and they’re getting us psyched for what’s to come with a cool new poster.

I love how AMC uses ad-centric things for their “Mad Men” posters and promos. I mean, they have a lot to work with, being a show about an advertising agency and all. This new season six poster was created by veteran ’60s magazine illustrator Brian Sanders, which is a very cool connection.

Let’s pick it apart a little and see if we can determine a few clues as to what’s coming in season six.

1. A worried Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is walking down Madison Avenue while another version of himself — this time in a grey suit instead of black — walks the opposite way. We can only hope this means Don will once again be leading double lives when the show returns.

2. The poster shows him holding hands with a woman, but it’s unclear which woman that is. Remember, when last we saw him in season five, he was entertaining the invitation of an attractive young woman. After starting fresh with Megan (Jessica Pare) in season five, perhaps his duplicitous ways will rear their dapper, fedora-covered heads again.

3. There are several cops in the background. This could mean a couple of things. Either Don is in serious trouble, or the show will further explore the civil discourse and counterculture movement that marked the second half of the ’60s. Could we please have more of Roger doing LSD? Thanks.

4. Is Don heading in the wrong direction? There are two one-way signs and a stop sign, and he appears to 1) not be stopping; and 2) going the opposite way the signs are telling him to go.

5. There’s a jet plane in the background. Could Don be flying off to somewhere exotic? We’ve had some set photos of him and Megan on a tropical beach, but perhaps he’s fleeing the country for some other reason.

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Mad Men Season 6



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  1. Alexandra Avatar

    Love the poster and your interpretation. April 7th is my b-day. What a nice present to be able to watch the next episode that evening!

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